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Frequently Asked Questions

Tournament FAQ (for the 2011 tournament)

Q: When/ Where is it?

A: Saturday, October 15th, 2011 from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park, Philadelphia, PA

Q: How much is it?

A: $200 per team. Each team must have at least 7 players.

Q: When does my team have to register by?

A: We have a limited number of spots available, so we suggest registering ASAP. Once these spots are filled, we will not be able to accommodate more teams.


Team Uniform Program FAQ

Q: What if we can't get all 8 sponsors???


Q: Our team was only able to get 4 sponsors, and now we're stuck. What can we do???

A: Have no fear, FFK has a "Corporate Match" program for just this purpose. We ask teams to obtain $400 in sponsorship. This allows us to cover the cost of uniforms, plus have some margin for "the kids" (i.e. our mission).

If you are short of the $400 in sponsorship, we can still get you uniforms, but we ask that your team pay half of the difference out of pocket, and the Corporate Match Program will cover the rest.

Consider the following example:

Team X has 4 sponsors but is unable to obtain any more before the start of their season. They are short of the required number of sponsors (8) by four.  Therefore, the team is short of the required sponsorship by $200. If the team would still like to participate, they may apply to the Corporate Match program.

Since the team is $200 short of their goal, we ask them to pay half of that amount, in this case $100, out of their own pocket. The other $100 will come from four companies participating in the Corporate Match Program. Each of these companies will have their logo placed on your uniforms.

To summarize the example from above:
-4 local business each contribute $50, for a total of $200
-4 corporate match participants contribute a total of $100
-Team members contribute $100 (still at a major discount in comparison to what would be required to pay outside of our program)
-The total contribution is $400
-The team receives great looking uniforms, with each of the businesses' and Corporate Match contributors' logos appearing on them

NOTE: You must apply to the "Corporate Match" program before you mail in checks from your sponsors. We have a limited number of corporate partners, and therefore, are not able to guarantee all interested participants.


Q: Once we send our money in, and complete the Team Uniform Order Form, how long will it take to receive our free uniforms???

A: Two weeks


Q: What kind of T-shirts are used for the uniforms??? Are we getting what we pay for (i.e. bubkes)???

A: Oh ye of little faith!! This is FFK you're talking to!! Your uniforms are printed on, only the finest, "Gildan Ultra Cotton T's" with a rainbow of color options.


Q: We've got sponsors, but we can't get logos for all of them. What do we do???

A: No biggie. If you can't submit a logo for one, or more, companies, we'll come up with a generic one. It will typically be the company's name with a cool border around it.


Q: Is ANY company allowed to sponsor us??? Can we put ANY logo on our uniforms??? Can I print ANY name on the back of my uniform???

A: We're sure that some of you will try to test us on this one... All we ask is that you remember that FFK is an organization whose mission is to help sick children. That said, we don't have the resources to do background checks on all of your sponsors, and we certainly don't know all of the inside jokes surrounding your novelty jersey monikers. However, we reserve the right to deny printing any text or images at our own discretion. If you are concerned that you might be in danger of our policy, please feel free to run any language or imagery by us prior to submitting your order.


Have a question we didn't answer? Ask us: flag.football.for.the.kids@gmail.com