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Team Uniform Program

Are you a Business? Looking for advertising and a way to help a great cause? Click here. (If you are interested in our Corporate Match program and donating a larger contribution, please click here.)

Are you an individual looking to play flag football, or do you have a flag football team and want to help out? How Your Team Can Get FREE Flag Football Uniforms:

The "Team Uniform Program" fundraiser involves giving your flag football team free team uniforms and using the proceeds to help sick kids. That's right. FREE uniforms! Here's how you get them:

  1. Form a flag football team. (If you already have a team, you're almost done.)
  2. Contact local businesses and ask them to sponsor your team. In return, they'll receive advertising, as their logos will appear on your uniforms. (Be sure to tell them that we are affiliated with Penn Medicine and that all proceeds will benefit children with medical diseases/disorders.)
  3. Obtain 8 sponsors, at a rate of $50 per sponsor.
  4. If you cannot obtain all $400, you can apply for the Corporate Match Program by clicking here.
  5. If you need tips on getting sponsors, please click here.
  6. If you need a letter for potential business sponsors, click here.
  7. Fill out the "Team Uniform Order Form."
  8. Wait for us to contact you!

Checks payable to: "Flag Football for the Kids"

Sit back and wait for the mailman!!! It's that easy!!! Pretty soon you can wear your sweet, new uniforms on the field and smash the competition (or at least look better than them).


If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to e-mail us at: flag.football.for.the.kids@gmail.com