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Geriatric Education Center

The Geriatric Education Center of Greater Philadelphia (GEC-GP) Consortium focuses its educational program on the care of the growing number of older patients with cognitive impairment, and on the interdisciplinary care of elders at the end of life. In conjunction with a faculty development program on health literacy and equity, the GEC-GP incorporates training in addressing issues of health equity and literacy at all levels in its approach to these two central issues. The GEC-GP also addresses identified needs in the professions of medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, chaplaincy, and social work.

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GEC-GP Leadership Meeting Schedule:

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Educational Activities

Cognitive Impairment
Caring for Members of Advanced Dementia
Family Transitions in Late Life
Alzheimer's Disease Staging Issues
Geroscholars Seminar: Research Consent in Cognitively Impaired Older Adults
The Role of the Physician in the Nursing Home

Health Equity and Literacy
Assessing Health Care Literacy Skills in Patients: Proceed with Care
Conducting Health Literacy Audits
Diversity and Multiculturalism in Health Professions Education

Communication and Health Literacy (1, 2)
Health equity / health inequity
Clinical Cultural Competence
Numeracy / Quantitative Literacy
Addressing Health Literacy in Geriatrics Patients
What was measured in the NAALs

Palliative Care
Advanced Care Planning: Keeping it Simple
Caring for Older Adults at Life's End: An Introduction to Palliative
Dementia in Hospice Care Part I: Stages, Hospice Guidelines, and Assessing Pain/Discomfortand Assessing Pain/Discomfort
Talking About Advance Directives