César Augusto Briceño, MD


  •  Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology | University of Pennsylvania
  •  Brazil | Chile
  •   Medical Education | Surgical Instruction

Languages: English (Native fluency), Spanish (Native), Portugues (Advanced), French (Intermediate)

Bio statement

Dr. Briceño has set up educational collaborations with universities and professional societies in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. He has helped to train multiple students, residents, and fellows from Latin America and has facilitated the formation of research collaborations. He is primarily interested in surgical education and has been invited to speak and perform live surgery throughout Latin America. Dr. Briceño sits on the board of the Pan American Association of Ophthalmology and is interested in establishing and further strengthening educational collaborations between Penn and Latin America.

Recent global health projects

1. I am working with the Pan American Association of Ophthalmology and the Sociedad Panamericana de Oculoplastica (SOPANOP) to establish a central organizational structure to facilitate multinational research. Our first project is to verify membership across the region with full contact information. We have developed several surveys with the help of Penn's Center for Preventive Ophthalmology and Biostatistics to establish practice patterns surrounding common oculoplastic surgeries.

2. I was invited in 2020 to participate in resident education virtually for ophthalmology residents in Chile (multiple programs) in a virtual curriculum arranged by Dr. Marlene Vogel (then chair of the ophthalmology department at the Universidad de Chile, Santiago).

Selected publications


Last Updated: 01 June 2022