Travel Health & Safety

Even for a short stay in another country, it is wise to make plans to safeguard your health.

  1. Are you a Penn student? Make an appointment for a travel consultation, immunizations, and prescriptions at Penn's Travel Services in Student Health Services (SHS), at least three months before your departure.  For certain clinical experiences, respirator clearance and/or a prescription for post-exposure prophylaxis drugs will be required. See the SHS Pre-Travel Form for more detailed information.
  2. Are you Penn faculty/staff? Visit Penn Travel Medicine to find a physician who can prepare you for your travel abroad or treat you for illnesses related to travel.
  3. Review the scope of your health insurance coverage to understand how your policy will cover any emergency or routine medical problems you may have. Obtain additional coverage, as needed.
  4. Go to the CDC's National Center for Infectious Diseases' Traveler's Health website and view "Tips for Travelers."  Find information specific to your destination by using the pull-down menu under "Destinations"
  5. Advice from the US Department of Health & Human Services can be obtained on their website.