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Association for Academic Minority Physicians Annual Scientific Virtual Meeting: Encourage interested individuals at your institutions to register for the Association for Academic Minority Physicians 34th annual scientific virtual meeting on Saturday, October 3. This years meeting will engage participants in discussion around disparities in disease prevalence and treatment outcomes related to race and ethnicity, challenges with the nation’s preparedness, direction, and health systems, and the adequacy of the healthcare workforce.

Our Statement on Black Lives Matter

Lasting commitment is born of genuine appreciation for that which we aspire to be. Penn Medicine’s commitment to inclusion and diversity is more than words echoing our evolving society; it is a commitment backed by actions and accountability that are the foundation of our eminence, core values, and the strategic priorities that drive how we discover, educate, and serve the world.

Penn Medicine’s five-year strategic plan crafted in 2013, Shaping the Future of Medicine, defined our priorities; one of which was the creation of the Office of Inclusion and Diversity (OID). Our efforts are aimed at continuing the support of diverse faculty, staff, and students, and the several innovative programs that advance our initiatives and values. Our charge is to continue exploring opportunities to embrace diversity and broaden access to people of all ethnicities, historical traditions and economic backgrounds, genders, religions and disabilities, and respecting sexual orientation and veteran status.

We are at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history and in our institution. The pandemic we are currently facing conflated with the recent murders of Black men and women by law enforcement entrusted to serve and protect, and subsequent uprisings have shined a light on the many problems deeply engrained in our society and by extension, the medical community. The Office of Inclusion and Diversity, in partnership with many other entities across Penn Medicine, is dedicated to changing the culture and breaking down barriers for not only employees but the patients we serve and the community at large. As physicians, scientists, staff, students, and educators, we are in a unique position to lead but we need the entire community to come together to do so. I urge you to visit our site often and let us share in this commitment with you to create sustainable change.

Virtual PSOM Community Dialogue on Racism, Racial Justice and Social Equity
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Office of Inclusion and Diversity 2018-19 Annual Report
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Five Year Strategic Plan

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