ACT Mission Vision and Values

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Mission: Eliminating structural injustice across Penn Medicine and the communities we serve. 

Vision: Penn Medicine is united as an anti-racist, equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization

Values: Respect, Cultural Humility, Empathy, Equity and Accountability

Strategic Priorities to Accomplish the ACT Vision

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Clinical Care

  • Quantified disparities and achieved health equity
  • Equitable access to care
  • Respectful Environment


  • Equitable access to research funding
  • Robust research on health equity
  • Community as our engaged partner


  • Bias-free curricula
  • Diverse student bodies
  • Graduates prepared to advance equity
  • Support and guidance for all students


  • Strong, sustainable relationships with community leaders
  • Fair policing and security
  • Partnerships with the community
  • Enriched community in health and wealth


  • Shared understanding of the vision
  • Bias-free policies and practices
  • Behavioral standards and policies
  • Clear leadership and sufficient infrastructure and resources
  • Culture of continuous learning


  • Diversity at all levels
  • Education, training and advancement
  • Consistent expectations and fair recognition
  • Staff and leader education

Voice Graphic

Over 5,500 Voices Heard

13 Team members from PSOM and UPHS
170 Volunteer focus group facilitators
6 Steering committee members
122 Focus groups
631 Survey responses
1,750 Focus group participants
3,200 Community dialogue participants
160 recommended actions and initiatives
8 key insights from data gathering informed roadmap priorities
64 Just Do Its across UPHS, PSOM, and entities.