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Diversity Search Advisory Program

The Diversity Search Advisor (DSA) Program was initiated in July 2012 as part of the Penn Action Plan for Faculty Diversity and Excellence and has been evaluated carefully over the last several years, leading to the creation of the Lead Diversity Search Advisor (Lead DSA) role. The first Lead DSAs will be Carmen E. Guerra, MD, MSCE, FAC, Associate Professor of Medicine; James Guevara, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology (who previously served as the Senior DSA); Jonni S. Moore, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; and Parvati Ramchandani, MD, FACR, Professor of Radiology and Surgery. Their terms began in fiscal year 2017. 

At this time, Perelman School of Medicine has more than 45 Diversity Search Advisors for 28 departments who review over 200 recruitments annually. Over the past four years, Dr. Guevara, Lead DSA and Karen Grasse, Associate Director, Faculty Affairs, conducted training sessions and one-on-one meetings with DSAs and Faculty Coordinators as well as provided ongoing support to DSAs and Search Committees. The PSOM faculty are very engaged and invested in the DSA role and the diversity initiative. Going forward, the Lead DSAs will share oversight with specific PSOM DSAs in consulting and advising faculty search committees in a distributed model. Lead DSAs will participate in meetings two or three times a year with Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (FAPD) and OID, utilize the DSA Survey for learning points and to improve the PSOM DSA Program. We want to ensure that DSAs have access to evidence-based information and the necessary tools to inform others about recruitment strategies, the search process and unconscious bias. The Lead DSAs will be involved in developing search training for faculty who search on search committees.

Diversity Search Advisor Tools

Online tools and resources are provided to support outreach to diverse applicants, including dedicated webpages for “Diversity Search Advisor Resources” and “Search Committee Resources” to facilitate the faculty search process in PSOM.  Tools developed to support DSAs in their roles include a DSA Checklist and Outreach Strategies to work with search committees, and a Faculty Ad Checklist to review ads. < >

Orientation sessions on the faculty search process are conducted for department Faculty Coordinators and other staff who may assist the Search Committee Chairs and Members.

Lead Diversity Search Advisor Role and Responsibilities

Diversity Search Advisor Role and Responsibilities

PSOM Diversity Search Advisors by Department