Building Bridges to A Place of Healing

By Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity




As we welcome the new year, the team in the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity would like to extend a heartfelt message of solidarity and compassion.  We deeply value open dialogue as a means to discover and implement solutions that foster a healthier, more equitable community.  Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to hosting sessions aimed at enhancing health and wellness for everyone, and addressing the existing disparities in healthcare.  The Action for Cultural Transformation (ACT) launched in July, 2020 sought to address the effects of structural racism and established a strategic framework to build a more inclusive community.  Departments, hospitals, centers, and other organizational units are deeply engaged in actions to work toward a more inclusive culture.  We recognize that  learning is an ongoing process, and we appreciate the continuous feedback that helps us evolve. For instance, our future programming on unconscious bias education will incorporate a rich discussion on religious and faith-based diversity. 

A key element of the ACT strategic plan is our firm stance against discriminatory  behavior and hateful speech. We developed and have been refining a process of addressing reports of such incidents, which now integrates restorative justice principles, emphasizing support and healing for those impacted.

 We understand that achieving peace and cultural safety is a journey that requires deep reflection, continuous learning, and meaningful dialogue.  Last October, we welcomed Mr. Jack Drummond, to the OIDE team and he has been instrumental in leading our initiatives to fully embrace the healing qualities of restorative practices.  Since October 7, Jack has been hosting Healing Circles.  These sessions, available  both in-person and online, offer a safe space for open thoughtful conversations and introspection. Healing Circles were held throughout the month of December. Additional circles are planned for the month of January (Tuesday Jan. 23rd & Thursday Jan. 25th from 4pm – 6pm – online). Click here to register.  Central to these circles are our ACT core values of cultural humility, respect, accountability, empathy, and equity.  These values were shaped and embraced by hundreds of members within our community reflecting their significance, especially in challenging times like these.  We invite you to participate in any or all of these Healing Circles as we collectively strive toward a culture that honors diverse perspectives and lived experiences, and remains committed to evolving and improving through the collective wisdom of our community.