So What Did We Learn About Health Equity at Our 2016 MLK Symposium?

By Eve J. Higginbotham, SM, MD

If you missed the 2016 MLK Symposium this year held on January 27, don't despair.  The Leonard Davis Institute posted a blog by Imran Cronk, which nicely summarizes what you missed: In a nutshell, we were reminded about the perfect storm in which we consider our questions about health equity.  Nationally we have witnessed the clashes between the police and vulnerable communities, threats against fragile gains made since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, defunding of key pipeline initiatives, the reemergence of grassroots advocacy, and legal challenges in efforts to diversify the health professional workforce. A panel of Penn faculty reminded us about the impact of own biases to health care, what factors we need to modify at Penn to build a more inclusive community, how our research landscape can be enhanced by addressing factors related to our changing world, and how creative approaches to health care delivery can enhance access to care for vulnerable populations.   Finally, we learned how the humble beginnings of a young man born in New York City can be ultimately transformed to shape the health of a nation.  Yes, a perfect storm can transform lives and ultimately can lead to a world where the health of every individual is a priority and lives are saved.  Listen to the entire symposium at your leisure: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Health Equity Symposium 1/27/16 

We look forward to seeing you next year on January 25, 2017 to hear from another former Surgeon General, Dr. Antonio Novello.