Mission Statement

To strengthen the quality of education, and to produce innovative research and models of healthcare delivery by fostering a vibrant inclusive environment and fully embracing diversity.


  • To recruit the outstanding talent
  • To retain a diverse community of faculty, staff and students
  • To reaffirm the benefits of inclusion

Strategic Priorites

  • Advance implementation and utilization of database of faculty candidates
  • Increase deployment of Unconscious Bias Workshops
  • Inventory existing human capital resources
  • Continued support of redesigned DSA program
  • Establish annual review of policies and practices between OIDE, OAA and key stakeholders
  • Establish a leadership program that affirms the principles of inclusion
  • Establish financial impact of addressing disparities across Penn Medicine
  • Enhance the infrastructure to support the acquisition of K and R awards among Fellows and Junior Faculty
  • Increase student and faculty satisfaction
  • Increase women and diverse faculty compared to the three-year rolling average
  • Expand efforts in the community related to inclusion, diversity, and health equity