Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Recruit, Retain, Reaffirm

Development & Community Outreach Opportunities

The University of Pennsylvania offers an array of development and community outreach opportunities that impact students at all levels, faculty, and staff.  This inventory is intended to be a convenient list, which will assist those who may have interest in either development or community outreach opportunities.  It is organized according to the stage that potential participants may be either in the pipeline or status as faculty or staff.  The graphic below is intended to serve as a visual overview of the roles of key anchor programs such as the FOCUS, LGBT Health, Alliance of Minority Physicians, and the Center of Excellence for Faculty Development.  The Office of Inclusion and Diversity partners with Faculty Affairs to ensure that an infrastructure is in place to support the needs of faculty.  Additional partners such as the Program in Diversity and Inclusion are listed as well.

What is the Pipeline for Faculty at Penn Medicine?

The pathway to a faculty position can be circuitous, particularly given the number of entry points and ultimate career paths that are possible. Generally, either dry or wet bench research-intensive faculty may enter through the graduate school, postdoctoral fellow path, before assuming either an Instructor position or an Assistant Professor appointment.  Dry research faculty may enter through the clinical pathway of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), Graduate Medical Education (GME) (residents), fellowship, instructors, and ultimately being appointed as an Assistant Professor.

Programs listed in the inventory (see links below) may reference these stages in the pipeline.  Development programs include those that contribute to the either the education or the professional growth of participants and community outreach opportunities reach out to specific communities such as students and the lay community.  If you do not see your program listed, please contact Corrinne Fahl.