Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Recruit, Retain, Reaffirm

Center of Excellence for Diversity in Health Education and Research

Initiated in September 1993, the Center of Excellence at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (Penn COE) aims to establish, facilitate, and conduct programs that will enhance the health of underrepresented minorities by training minority medical students and faculty for leadership positions in the health professions workforce, by facilitating research on minority health issues and by encouraging modifications in curricula to respond to the needs of cross-cultural education. The Center's activities and programs focus on training and educating under-represented physicians for faculty positions in the Schools of Medicine and for leadership positions in health care policy/administration and enhancing research on minority health issues. These activities and programs will improve the health of minorities and the public in general, and will enhance the ability of health care institutions to achieve their goals. The Center operates as an integral part of the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and its Health System, and as such it aims to collaborate extensively with all units of the University that share its mission and goals.  To accomplish its mission, the Center's principal goals are to: