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The Neurobiology of Unconsciousness.  

The advent of general anesthesia revolutionized modern medicine. Millions of individuals are exposed to general anesthetics each year, but the diverse molecular and neuronal mechanisms through which anesthetic drugs acts to produce their hypnotic effects remain incompletely understood.  We are driven to understand this fundamental question at the heart of neuroscience: how do general anesthetic drugs, which vary drastically on a molecular level, all lead to the same endpoint of unconsciousness/hypnosis.

In the process of working on neuronal mechanisms of anesthetic induced unconsciousness, we have uncovered the intriguing finding that the forward state transition into a state of general anesthesia is not a mirror image of the reverse state transition back to wakefulness.  Studies in the Kelz lab in fruit flies, mice, and humans are all designed to explore questions of how the brain undergoes state transition that lead to dramatic changes in behavioral arousal.  Another central question of the Kelz lab addresses the degree to which states of general anesthesia and endogenous sleep converge and how these states diverge

Max B. Kelz, MD, PhD, Anesthesia Distinguished Professor

Congratulations to Max B. Kelz, MD, PhD, who has been appointed to the Distinguished Professorship in Anesthesiology and Critical Care. The Anesthesia Distinguished Professorship was awarded in recognition of Dr. Kelz’s world renowned neuroscience research on the detailed mechanisms underlying brain state transitions, such as anesthesia induction and emergence. 

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  • CONGRATULATIONS to Adeeti Aggarwal, PhD, on her outstanding thesis defense! Wednesday, September 15, 2021

    Her successful defense was entitled,  Visual evoked feedforward-feedback traveling waves organize neural activity across the cortex in mice. Adeeti is part of the Neuroscience Graduate Group and will now continue with her clinical rotations as part of the MD, PhD program.