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A Smart Aviary at the Pennovation Works brings together a multidisciplinary team including NGG's Marc Schmidt and Vijay Balasubramanian uses machine learning to study behavioral neuroscience.

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The NGG is a collaborative and interdisciplinary PhD program that provides training for careers in neuroscience research, teaching, and more. Our training program is designed to provide a strong foundation of neuroscience knowledge while at the same time taking into account each student's strengths, needs, and career goals.

We also place a high value on activities that promote professional development, cohesiveness within our program, and outreach to the outside community. Many of these activities are organized by our students through the Graduate-Led Initiatives and Activities (GLIA) Committee.

The NGG is closely affiliated with the Mahoney Institute for Neurosciences (MINS) and the Penn Medicine Translational Neuroscience Center (PTNC).

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