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List of Graduates

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First Name Last Name Year Graduated Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
Brandon Bastien 2024 Michael Hart A tale of two neurexins: nrx-1 and nlr-1 facilitate function of monoamine circuits and foraging behaviors
Elelbin Ortiz 2024 Michael Granato Genetic regulation of the acoustic startle threshold
Rebecca Somach 2023 Akiva Cohen Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Affects Orexin Neuron Circuitry Differently in Male and Female Mice
Mafe Navarro 2023 Michael Granato The atypical cadherin Celsr3 drives development and regeneration of the acoustic startle hindbrain circuit
Amanda Schott 2023 Franz Weber A central medullary circuit regulating REM sleep and pontine waves
Daniel Kalamarides 2023 John Dani Sex as a biological variable in opioid withdrawal behavior and midbrain inhibitory signaling
Ilenna Jones 2023 Konrad Kording Quantifying the Impact of Dendritic Properties on Neuronal Computation
Suna Li 2023 Wenqin Luo The role of the lateral habenula in controlling itch sensation and behavior
Isabel Yannatos 2023 Corey McMillan Epigenetic aging as a link between social drivers and racial disparities in cognitive and functional health: weathering in older adults
Rachel Ceron 2023 Robert Heuckeroth & Roberto Dominguez Mechanisms of ACTG2 Mutations in Visceral Myopathy
Panagiotis Fotiadis 2023 Dani Bassett Structure-Function Coupling in Human Brain Networks
Valerie Sydnor 2023 Theodore D. Satterthwaite Charting neurodevelopment along a sensorimotor-association cortical axis: plasticity, environmental impacts, and psychiatric risk
Dan Dou 2023 Erika Holzbaur Axonal trafficking deficits caused by Parkinson’s-associated mutations in LRRK2
Daniel Connolly 2023 Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou Reading and writing DNA methylation in the mammalian brain


2023 Maria Geffen Role of inhibitory neuron types of the TRN in auditory processing
Ronald  Ditullio 2023 Vijay Balasubramanian & Yale Cohen Inference of representations through structure: Revisiting Marr's tri-level hypothesis of neuroscience
Michael Iannacone 2023  David Raizen Neural Mechanisms of Sickness Sleep and Fatigue
Emma Janke 2023 Minghong Ma A quantitative approach to breathing in emotionally-salient states in mice
Ana Defindini  2023 Adrianna C. Jenkins Dissociable roles for the medial prefrontal cortex and right temporoparietal junction during inferences about other minds. 
Daniel Schonhaut 2023 Michael Kahana Time, space, and rhythm across neurons in the human medial temporal lobe and prefrontal cortex
Dale Zhou 2023 Dani Bassett & Theodore D. Satterthwaite Efficient and predictive coding from compression and control by human brain networks 
Camille Testard 2023 Michael L. Platt Neuroethology of natural social dynamics in rhesus macaques 
Alex Wei 2023 Hao Wu Elucidating Gene Regulatory Roles of DNA Modifications and Active DNA Demethylation Pathways
Alexandra Perelegos 2023 Nancy Bonini The impact of m6A in the Drosophila brain on stress, aging, and disease
Alexis Crockett 2023 Jorge Alvarez Intersection of Blood-Brain Barrier Impairment, Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Neuroinflammation in a Model for Schizophrenia
Jessica Schwarz 2022 Amita Sehgal Aging Reprograms Circadian Metabolic and Transcriptional Rhythms
Delaney Fischer 2022 Elizabeth Heller Sex-specific regulation of promoter bivalency in the mouse striatum
Sydney Cason 2022 Erika Holzbaur Dynein Regulation in Axonal Autophagy
Claudia Lopez 2022 Kelly Jordan-Sciutto Mechanisms regulating amyloid precursor processing enzymes in a model of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
Vanessa Fleites 2022 Mariella De Biasi Modeling Maternal Opioid Use Disorder and its Consequences in Mice Offspring
Hannah Shoenhard 2022 Michael Granato The Calcium-Sensing Receptor (CaSR) regulates zebrafish sensorimotor decision making via a genetically defined cluster of hindbrain neurons
Grier Prettyman 2022 Daniel Wolf Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Motivation and its Impairment
Connor Brennan 2022 Alexander Proekt Computation through noisy dynamics
Jennifer Hafycz 2022 Nirinjini Naidoo The role of the unfolded protein response on sleep and cognition in aging and Alzheimer's Disease
Marissa Kamarck 2022 Joel Mainland How do your genes smell? Applying Genetic Tools To Understand Human Olfactory Perception
Darrell Eacret 2022 Julie Blendy Bidirectional relationship between opioids and disrupted sleep
Adam Pines 2022 Theodore Satterthwaite Layers of Maturation in Cortical Hierarchies
Andrew 'Andy' Revell 2022 Kate Davis & Brian Litt Localizing Seizure Onset With Diffusion Models
Kyra  Levy 2022 Thomas Jongens  Investigation of metabolism and autism-relevant behaviors in Drosophila lacking neurexin-1
Harang Ju 2022 Dani S. Bassett The Network Science of Distributed Representational Systems
Melanie  Schaffler 2022 Ishmail Abdus-Saboor A Critical Role for Touch Neurons In A Skin-Brain Pathway For Stress Resilience 
Nitsan  Goldstein  2022 Nick Betley  Dynamic control of behavior by hypothalamic hunger neurons
Leah Middleton  2022  Ishmail Abdus-Saboor Identification of Sensory Neurons Encoding Pleasurable Social Touch
Kyra Schapiro 2022 Josh Gold

The Role of Working Memory In Implementing Computational Elements of Visuo-Spatial Decision-Making

Michelle Klima 2022 Nick Betley 

Central Control of Pain and Inflammation Through a Hunger Circuit

Ursula Tooley 2022 Allyson Mackey & Danielle Bassett

Functional Brain Network Development: Shifting Boundaries & Environmental Influences

Brenna Shortal 2022 Alex Proekt

State Transitions Within the Cortex Are Strongly Influenced by Local Interactions Under General Anesthesia

Mary Schreck 2021 Minghong Ma  State-dependent olfactory processing in freely behaving mice
Aimee Juan 2021 Marisa S. Bartolomei Differential DNA Methylation Drives Allelic Architecture for Imprinted Grb10/Ddc Locus in the Developing Heart
Sara Taylor 2021 Edward Brodkin Investigating quantitative autism spectrum behaviors in a family-based genetics study
Ina Mexhitaj 2021 Amit Bar-Or T cell responses in pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis: a unique window into early disease 
Adeeti Aggarwal 2021 Max Kelz & Alex Proekt    Visual evoked feedforward-feedback travelling waves organize neural activity across the cortex in mice
Aaron Williams 2021 Maria Geffen Neuronal codes and circuits underlying audiovisual integration
Kevin Goff 2021 Ethan Goldberg VIP Interneuron cell and circuit dysfunction underlying Dravet Syndrome 
Naihua 'Natalie' Gong 2021 Matt Kayser Molecular factors governing sleep circuit maturation and neurodevelopmental disorders
Patricia 'Patti'  Murphy  2021 Michael Granato Choosing the right path: analysis of axon guidance in peripheral nerve regeneration
China Byrns  2021 Nancy Bonini Glial Contributions to Traumatic Brain Injury
Lyles  Clark 2021 Amelia Eisch 

Temporal analysis of neurogenesis and microglia changes after mild traumatic brain injury in the adult male c57bl/6j mouse

Mariexcel 'Felicia' Davatolhagh 2021 Marc Fuccillo Molecular control of synaptic efficacy within striatal circuits
Katherine (Kate) Beattie 2021 Wenqin Luo TRPC3 antagonizes contact dermatitis induced pruritus
Rosa Leon 2021 Matthew Hayes  Serotonergic Modulation of the Central GLP-1 System
Jacob Sterling 2021 Joshua Dunaief & Qi Cui Innate immunity in degenerative diseases of the retina and brain
Julia 'Kate' Brynildsen 2021 Julie Blendy Modeling genetic, neural and behavioral correlates of opioid use disorder in mice
Jennifer 'Jeni' Stiso 2021 Danielle Bassett & Timothy Lucas Data-based and theory-based models of perturbations to neural dynamics  
Yeri Song 2020 Frances Jensen  Excitatory-Inhibitory Circuit Dysregulation during the Auditory Cortex Critical Period in the Fragile X syndrome Mouse Model
Sarah Reitz 2020 Max Kelz A role for tachykinin 1 preoptic neurons in natural and anesthetic-induced arousal state regulation
Barbara Terzic 2020 Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou Temporal and molecular insights into the pathophysiology of CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder
Ari Kahn 2020 Danielle Bassett Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Graph Learning
Carolyn  Keating  2020 Kacy Cullen Characterizing and Manipulation Neuronal Plasma Membrane Mechanoporation in Traumatic Brain Injury 
Analise Gruenewald 2020 Dennis Kolson Analysis of the Role for Antioxidant Enzym Heme Oxygenase-1 in Brain Regional HIV Neuropathogenesis and Blood-Function
Katerina Placek 2020 Corey McMillan & Murray Grossman Environmental and genetic influence on cognition in ALS-FTD spectrum disease
Eli Cornblath 2020 Danielle Bassett Network spreading dynamics in cognition and neurodegeneration
Harrison  McAdams 2020 Geoffrey Aguirre Measuring melanopsin function in humans to understand photophobia in migraine
Opeyemi  Alabi 2020 Marc Fuccillo Striatal Computations in Health and Neuropsychiatric Disease
Blake Kimmey 2020 John Dani The Role of Midbrain Chloride Ion Dysregulation in Escalated Alcohol Consumption
Meghan  Healey 2020  Murray Grossman More than words: Extra-Sylvian networks support pragmatic language processing in focal dementia
Yunshu Fan 2019 Joshua Gold & Long Ding The Neural Computations in the Caudate Nucleus for Reward-Biased Perceptual Decision-Making
Nabil Darwich 2019 Edward Lee Structure and Function of a Disease Associated Tau Disaggregase
Ian  McLaughlin 2019 Mariella De Biasi The Interpeduncular Nucleus Regulates Baseline Anxiety 
Seth Madlon-Kay 2019 Michael Platt Measuring behavioral phenotypes from complex social interactions in non-human primates
Graham  Baum 2019  Theodore Satterthwaite & Danielle Bassett Development of Human Brain Network Architecture Underlying Executive Function
Nicole Hernandez 2019 Heath Schmidt

The Role of the Central GLP-1 System in Cocaine-Seeking Behavior

Christina  Wright 2019 Robert Heuckeroth Genetic Control of Enteric Nervous System Development and Subtype Specification
Julia  Kahn 2019  Douglas Coulter Circuit-based therapies rescue cognitive dysfunction in neurological and psychiatric diseases
Samuel Belfer 2019 Matt Kayser A Drosophila model of Sleep Restriction Therapy for insomnia and neurodegenerative disease
Huchuan "Cedric" Xia 2019 Danielle Bassett & Ted Satterthwaite Linking Functional Brain Networks to Psychopathology and Beyond
Jennifer Blackwell 2019 Maria Geffen Cortical and subcortical Mechanisms for Sound Processing
Lindsey Goodman 2019 Nancy Bonini

Factors That Mediate Expression of Unique GGGGCC Repeat Expandions in C9ORF72-Associated ALS/FTD

Kim Kridsada 2019 Wenqin Luo Developmental and signaling mechanisms of touch neurons
Gregory Artiushin 2019 Amita Sehgal The Emerging Involvement of Glia in Sleep: Insights from Drosophila melanogaster
Kaitlin Folweiler 2018 Akiva Cohen Synaptic Dysregulation of Inhibition in the Dentate Gyrus After Traumatic Brain Injury
Andrew Moberly 2018 Minghong Ma Olfactory Inputs Modulate Respiration-Related Rhythmic Activity in the Prefrontal Cortex and Freezing Behavior
Sneha Narasimhan 2018 Virginia Lee The role of tau strains in generating the diversity of human tauopathies
Esteban Luna 2018 Kelvin Luk & Virginia Lee Identifying factors that modulate neuronal subtype vulnerability to Lewy Pathology
Sarah Ly 2018 Jini Naidoo Molecular Mechanisms that Govern Synaptic Plasticity and Protein Translation Promote Sleep
Andrew Moore 2018  Erika Holzbaur Regulation of Mitochondrial dynamics and quality control in mammalian cells
Srihari Sritharan 2018 Timothy Lucas Characterization of Somatosensation in the Brainstem and the Development of a Sensory Neuroprosthesis
Sheng Tang 2018 Joe Zhou Synaptic, Circuit, and Behavioral Insights into CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder
William Olson 2018 Wenqin Luo Somatotopic Organization of the Mammalian Pain System and Developmental Mechanisms
Drew Jaegle 2018 Kostas Daniilidis Learning, moving, and predicting with global motion representations
Preetika Gupta 2018 Robert Kalb A potential role for SAP97 in psychiatric disorders
Peter Dong 2018 Wenqin Luo Investigating the Molecules and Circuits Underlying Somatosensation
Noam Roth 2017 Nicole Rust The Neural Mechanisms Underlying Invariant Object Search in V4 and Inferotemporal Cortex
Morgan Taylor 2017 Diego Contreras Synaptic mechanisms and network architecture underlying receptive fields in primary visual cortex in vivo
Jeff Nirschl 2017 Erika Holzbaur Computational Image Analysis for Axonal Transport, Phenotypic Profiling, and Digital Pathology
Kamesh Krishnamurthy 2017 Josh Gold and Vijay Balasubramanian Optimal Adaptation Principles in Neural Systems
Laura  Bryant 2017 Jean Bennett Genetics and Retinal Degeneration: Challenges in Optogenetic Therapy and Identifying Pathogenic Variants
Shachee Doshi 2017 Robert Kalb Neuropeptide signaling regulates C. elegans response to anoxia
Khaing Win 2017 Murray Grossman Medial Temporal Lobe does NOT tell the whole story: episodic memory in ‘atypical’ variants of Alzheimer’s disease
Christopher Angelakos 2017 Teb Abel Sleep and activity problems in mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders
Elaine Liu 2017 Edward Lee Molecular Analysis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Degeneration Brain Tissue identifies Disease Mechanisms Associated with Repetitive DNA Elements. 
Isaac  Perron 2017 Sigrid Veasey & Allan Pack Isolating the effects of body mass and energy balance on sleep and metabolic health
Herminio Guajardo 2017 Rita Valentino Sex Differences in µ-Opioid Regulation of the Rat Locus Coeruleus
Katherine Gribble 2017 Michael Granato Neuromuscular synaptic proteins in development and regeneration
David Reiner 2017 Matthew Hayes Neuroendocrine signals act in the hindbrain and mesopontine tegmentum to control energy balance
Efstathios Gennatas 2017 Ruben Gur Towards Precision Psychiatry: Gray Matter Development and Cognition in Adolescence
Anna  Stern 2017 Kelly Jordan-Sciutto From BACE1 to home run: how progress in Alzheimer’s disease can provide insights into HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder
Christopher Dengler 2017 Doug Coulter Normal and epilepsy-associated pathologic function of the dentate gyrus
Maria Fasolino 2017 Joe Zhou Epigenomic and Nuclear Architectural Insights into Rett Syndrome
Trishala  Parthasarathi 2017 Joe Kable The imaginative brain: Dissociable neural contributions to prospection during decisions about the future
Sheila Shanmugan 2017 C. Neill Epperson Impact of adverse childhood experiences on behavioral and neural markers of executive function in menopausal women
Alyse Thomas 2017 John Dani Neurobiological Mechanisms Linking Stress to Increased Alcohol Consumption
Ryan Natan 2017 Maria Geffen Cortical mechanisms of adaptation in auditory processing
Alice Ford 2016 James Shorter Mechanisms and Modifiers of Protein Misfolding and Toxicity Associated with Multisystem Proteinopathy
Leonardo Guercio 2016 Chris Pierce/Heath Schmidt

Influence of Local and Circruit-Wide Modulation of the Mesocorticolimbic Reward System on the Reinstatement of Cocaine Seeking

Danielle Mor 2016 Harry Ishiropoulos Sema-1A Reverse Signaling Promotes Midline Crossing In Response To Secreted Semaphorins 
Melissa Hernandez 2016 Greg Bashaw The toxic interaction of dopamine and alpha-synuclein: Implications for Parkinson's Disease
David  Tischfield 2016 Stewart Anderson

Identification of Novel Molecular-Genetic Pathways Regulating the Development of Subpallial Derivatives

Adam Gifford 2016 Yale Cohen

Neural and Behavior Correlates of Auditory Representation, Perception, and Categorization in Humans 

Nicole Yohn 2016 Julie Blendy Sex, Drugs, and Transgenerational Inheritance; Are the Kids Alright?
Chris Palmer 2016 Akiva Cohen Functional Alterations in the Amygdala Following Traumatic Brain Injury
Eva Klinman 2016 Erika Holzbaur
Regulation of Dynein-Dependent Neuronal Transport and Trafficking by CDK5
Shivon  Robinson 2016 Irwin Lucki Neuropharmacological mechanisms underlying incentive salience and stress
Michael Fleming 2016 Wenqin Luo Multiple Roles of RET signaling in mechanosensory neuron development
Russell Port 2016 Timothy Roberts Auditory Biomarkers in Autism Spectrum Disorder; Multimodal Translational Investigations
Amy Price 2016 Murray Grossman Neural Mechanisms for combinational semantics in language and vision: evidence from fMRI, patients, and brain stimulation
Ceren Ozek 2015 Kendra Bence Regional roles of central TrkB receptors in energy balance and regulation by PTP1B
Nicholas  Trojanowski 2015 David Raizen & Christopher Fang-Yen State-dependent regulation of the neural circuit for C. elegans feeding
Brigid Jensen 2015 Kelly Jordan-Sciutto & Judith Grinspan Analysis Of The Effects Of Therapeutic Compounds For The Treatment Of HIV Infection And Multiple Sclerosis In Neuroglial Cells
Colleen Kovacsics 2015 Dennis Kolson IFNγ Selectively Induces Astrocyte Heme Oxygenase-1 Degradation: A Novel Proteasome Role in HIV Neuropathogenesis
Heather  Ballance 2015 John Hogenesch Circadian Clock Regulated Gene Expression in the Hypothalumus
Karthik  Raju 2015 Harry Ischiropoulos Nitric Oxide Coordination of the Glutamate/Glutamine Cycle in the CNS
Kate Christison-Lagay 2015 Yale Cohen Neural and behavioral correlates of auditory streaming
Jesse Isaacman-Beck 2015 Michael Granato Molecular Analysis of Target Specific Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Colin  Smith 2015 Akiva Cohen Brain Injury Induced Prefrontal Cortex Circuit Dysfunction Contributes to Working Memory Impairment
Yin  Li 2015 Josh Gold When it's right to be wrong: learning from mistakes in an uncertain world


Gill 2015 Dennis Kolson A Novel Role for and Potential Therapeutic Targeting of Heme Oxygenase-1 in HIV Neuropathogenesis


Chen 2015 Stewart Anderson

Novel Viral and Astrocytic Contributors to Epilepsy 

Alison Buch-Rodgers 2015 Tracy Bale

Transgenerational Epigenetic Mechanisms of Stress Axis Programming 

Ankit Jain 2015 Rita Balice-Gordon

From Receptor to Brain:  Synaptic, Cellular and Behavioral Pathophysiology in anti-GABA receptor and anti-NMDA receptor encephalitides 

Erin Coffey 2015 Claire Mitchell

A Role for lysosomal pH Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease and Strategies for its Restoration 

Lauren Stutzbach 2015 Gerard Schellenberg

PERK Genetic Variation and Function in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy 

Rebecca Chance 2015 Greg Bashaw

Between Slit and Repulsion:  Cell and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Robo-Mediated Midline Guidance 

Yvette Wong 2015 Erika Holzbaur

Defective Autophagosome Dynamics in Neurodegeneration:  Novel Roles for Huntington and Optineurin in Regulating Autophagy 

Adam Watson 2015 Marcos Frank A Role for TRKB.T1 Receptors in Mammalian Sleep and for Basal Forebrain Astrocytes in Sleep Homeostasis
David  Kahn 2015 Robert Schultz & Geoffrey Aguirre Sensory History Matters for Visual Representations: Implications for Autism
Morgan  Bridi 2015 Ted Abel The Regulation of Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity by Upstream and Downstream Effectors of Histone Acetylation
Marino Pagan 2015 Nicole Rust The Neural Mechanisms Underlying Visual Target Search
Alexandra Neuhaus-Follini 2015 Greg Bashaw The Intracellular Domain of the Frazzled/Dcc Receptor is a Transcription Factor Required for Commissural Axon Guidance
Judy Wang 2014 Zhaolan Zhou Pathogenic Mechanisms Underlying the Early Epileptic Encephalopathy CDKL5 Disorder
Sarah Maguire 2014 Amita Sehgal The 'Ins and Outs' of Sleep: How Internal Metabolic and External Temperature Cues Affect the Sleep Process
Collin Challis 2014 Olivier Berton Top-down Control of Serotonergic Systems in Socioaffective Choices and Depression-like Behaviors
Daniel Colacurcio 2014 Kelly Jordan-Sciutto Degradation of the Oncoprotein MDMX in Neurodegenerative States: Evidence for a Pro-Survival Role of MDMX in Neurons
Ashwin Ramayya 2014 Michael Kahana Human Reinforcement Learning: Insights from Intracranial Recordings and Stimulation
Alemji Taku 2014 Johnathan Raper The role of Class 3 Semaphorins in Guiding Olfactory Sensory Axons to Their Protoglomerular Targets in the Zebrafish Olfactory Bulb
Emilia Moscato 2014 Rita Balice-Gordon Cellular and Synaptic Homeostatic Plasticity in Response to Loss of Glutamatergic Transmission: Insights from Anti-Glutamate Receptor Encephalitides
Jacob Zyskind 2014 Kelly Jordan-Sciutto A Role for the Cell Cycle Protein E2F1 in HIV-Induced Neuronal Toxicity
Angela Jablonski 2014 Robert Kalb Rad New Insights into ALS: A Novel Role for RAD-23 in the Stablization of Disease-Causing Proteins
Lindsay Vass 2014 Russell A. Epstein Neural Representations of a Real-World Environment
Tanya Weerakkody 2014 John Wolfe Cellular and Circuit Level Responses to Neural Stem Cell Transplantation in the Rodent Cortex 


Butt 2014 Geoffrey K. Aguirre Form in Darkness: Linking Visual Cortex Structure with Spontaneous Neural Function 
Harry Ting 2014

Kelly L. Jordan-Sciutto

Novel Roles of Cell Cycle Regulator E2F1 in the CNS: Implications for Synaptic Damage in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders 
Alexis Howerton 2014 Tracy L. Bale  Neuroinflammatory Regulation of Stress Behavior and Physiology 
Ryan Tsou 2014 Kendra Bence  The Role of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B in the Central Regulation of Energy Homeostasis
Laura Grafe 2013 Loretta M. 
Cellular Mechanisms and Neural Network Control of Sodium Appetite in Male Rats 
Daniel Denman 2013 Diego Contreras  Correlated Activity and Corticothalamic Cell Function in the Early Mouse Visual System 
Jason Rodriguez 2013 Michael P. Nusbaum  Distinct Circuit States Enable State-Dependent Flexibility in a Rhythm Generating Network 
Nicole Cooper 2013 Joseph W. Kable  The Neural Representation of Value and Individual Differences in Human Intertemporal Choice 
Toni-Moi Prince 2013

Edwin (Ted) G. Abel

Consequences of Brief Periods of Sleep Loss on Hippocampus-Dependent Memory and Synaptic Plasticity 
Michael Castle 2013 John H. Wolfe  Cellular Mechanisms Driving the Long-Distance Axonal Transport of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors 
Kevin Snyder 2013 Rita J. Valentino  Stress, Monoamines, and Cognitive Flexibility
Meng-meng Fu 2013 Erika L. F. Holzbaur  JIP1 Regulates Axonal Transport of APP and Autophagosomes via Coordination of Kinesin and Dynein Motors
Michelle  Dumoulin  2013 Marcos G. Frank 

The Role of REM Sleep in Ocular Dominance Plasticity Consolidation

David Combs 2013 Zhe Lu 

The Roles of Outer Leaflet Lipids in Ion Channel Function and Bacterial Virulence

Mary Cushman Nick 2013 Nancy M. Bonini
James Shorter 
Developing the Yeast Disaggregase Hsp104 as a Treatment for Polyglutamine Disease in Drosophila 
John Burke 2013 Michael J. Kahana  Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Neural Activity during Human Episodic Memory Encoding and Retrieval 




Steven A. Thomas 

Redundant Neuromodulatory Mechanisms that Control Fear Memory Consolidation 




R. Chris Pierce

A Critical Role for Accumbal Calcium-Permeable AMPA Receptors in the Reinstatement of Cocaine Seeking 

Melissa  Wang  2013 Isabel C. Muzzio  The role of the hippocampus in representations of emotional memory 
Kristina  Simmons  2013 Vijay Balasubramanian  Adaptation of the Retina to Stimulus Correlations 
Dustin  Shilling  2013 J. Kevin Foskett  Determining the Mechanism and Contribution of Exaggerated Intracellular Calcium Signaling to Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis In Vivo 
Jing Guo 2013 Virginia Man-Yee Lee Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases via Templated Recruitment 
Hollidge Bradley 2013 Samantha S. Soldan  Defining Early Events in La Crosse Virus Infection: Virus Entry and Fusion in the Neuropathogenesis of La Crosse Virus Encephalitis and as Potential Targets for Therapeutic Intervention 
Vanessa Troiani 2012 Robert T. Schultz

The Impact of Motivation on Object-based Visual Attention Indexed by Continuous Flash Suppression

Maria Armakola 2012

Aaron D. Gitler 

Inhibition of RNA Lariat Debranching Enzyme Suppresses TDP-43 Toxicity in ALS Disease Models 
Rajiv Sainath 2012 Michael Granato  The Genetic Control of Zebrafish Motor Neuron Branch Morphogenesis by Turnout and Plexin A3 
Victoria Tsai 2012 Peter B. Crino  The Role of TSC2 and DEPTOR in Fetal Cortical Development: mTOR Pathway Activation
Michael Paine 2012 Robert Neumar  Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Death after Cardiac Arrest: Studies of Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection 
Laurel Ecke 2012 Julie A. Blendy  The Effect of Gliotransmission and Stress on Behavioral and Molecular Markers of Cocaine-Induced Synaptic Plasticity 
Whitney Parker 2012 Peter B. Crino Insights from Pretzel Syndrome:  The Role of STRADA in Neuronal Migration and Cortical Development 
Matt Nassar 2012 Joshua I. Gold A Computational Role for Arousal in Optimal Inference 
Armen Moughamian 2012 Erika L.F. Holzbaur The CAP-Gly Domain of p150Glued in Axonal Transport and Neurodegenerative Disease 
Jason Moore 2012 Max Kelz 

Involvement of Endogenous Sleep Neural Circuitry in Volatile Anesthetic Induction and Emergence 

Amy Gleichman 2012 David Lynch  Glutamate receptor autoimmune diseases: Understanding the mechanisms, determining the epitopes, and developing better tests 
Michael Francis Bonner 2012 Murray Grossman  Neural Representations at the Interface of Perception and Memory 
Jason Wester 2012 Diego Contreras  Circuit Rules for Activity Propagation in Neocortical Networks:Combined Voltage-sensitive Dye Imaging and Intracellular Recording In Vitro 
Lynn Lohnas 2012 Michael J. Kahana Retrieved context and the accumulation of episodic memories
Maria Lim 2012 Robert Gordon Kalb The contribution of metabolic dysfunction to genetic models of motor neuron disease 
Michael Hart 2012

Aaron D. Gitler

Defining the mechanisms of Ataxin 2 polyglutamine expansions in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 
Denise Cook 2012 Dennis L. Kolson Neuroprotective roles for apelin, a novel neuropeptide, in HIV-associated excitotoxic injury 
Marek Ma 2012 Bob Neumar Role of Calpains in Axonal Injury and Degeneration
Sean Sheffler-Collins 2012 Matthew Dalva Molecular Mechanisms of Pre- and Postsynaptic EphB/ephrin-B Signaling in Synapse Formation and Function
Nina Hsu 2012 Sharon Thompson-Schill Conceptual Flexibility: Behavioral and Neural Variations in Semantic Memory Retrieval
Katie Kopil 2012 Bob Neumar The Neuropatholigic role of InsP3-receptor Proteolysis
Marco Boccitto 2012 Bob Kalb Genetic and Pharmacological Approaches to Preventing Neurodegeneration
Mathieu Wimmer 2012 Ted Abel Molecular Mechanisms of Sleep/Wake Regulation and Memory Formation in Young and Aged Mice
Kayla Metzger 2012 Sheryl Beck Altered Cellular Properties and Hippocampal Circuitry in the 5-HT1A Knockout Mouse
Stephanie Cross 2012 Dennis Kolson Activation of the Antioxidant Response Attenuates HIV Replication and Neurotoxin production in Human Macrophages
Chih King 2012 Steve Scherer The Role of Kv7 in Perhipheral Neurons
Nooreen  Dabbish 2012 David Raizen Synaptic Change During C. elegans Lethargus
Kristen  Malkus 2011 Harry Ischiropoulos Regional Lysosomal Malfunction Underlies the Selectivity of Alpha-Synuclein Neurodegeneration
Rishi Kalwani 2011 Joshua Gold The Role of the Locus Coeruleus in SEnsory-motoer Processing
Laura  Gordon 2011 Michael Granato Mechanisms of Unplugged/MuSK-mediated Neuromuscular Synapse Formation
Fair Vassoler 2011 Robert Pierce Deep Brain Stimulation in Cocaine Reinstatement and the Inheritance of a Cocaine-Resistant Phenotype
Solsire Zevallos 2011 Douglas Epstein The Requirement of Sonic Hedgehog in the Hypothalamus
Keith  Feigenson 2011 Judith Grinspan Wnt Signaling in Oligodendrocyte Development
Andrew Fairless 2011 Edward Brodkin The Development of Social Behaviors in C57BL/6J Mice
Gregg Dunn 2011 Tracy Bale Transgenerational Epigenetic Effects of Parental High Fat Diet Exposure
Vanisha Lakhina 2011 Jonathan Raper The Guidance of Olfactory Sensory Axons to Identifiable protoglomeruli in the Larval Zebrafish Olfactory Bulb
Jeremy Manning 2011 Michael Kahana Acquisition, Storage and Retrieval in Digital and Biological Brains
Rachel White 2011 Michael Nusbaum Distinct Neuromuscular Patterns From a Single Motor Network
David Hurtado 2011 Virginia Lee Selective Reduction of GSK-3 Isoforms Ameliorates Pathological Signatures of Alzheimer's Disease
Jared  Iacovelli 2011 Joshua Dunaief The Role of Ferroportin in Retinal Iron Homeostasis
Josh Hawk 2011 Ted Abel Investigation of the Role of Histone Acetylation in Hippocampus-Dependent Memory Formation
Naomi Twery 2010 Jon Raper SDF1 Antagonism of Axonal Repellents Requires Multiple G Protein Components and an ADAM Metalloprotease 
Terry Dean 2010 Amita Sehgal SSS modulates K+ channel kinetics to shake the sleep right out of you
Britter Gundersen 2010 Julie A. Blendy  Effect of Hippocampal CREB Deletion on Models of Anxiety, Depression, and Antidepressant Response
Katie Lindl 2010 Kelly Jordan-Sciutto Activation of the Integrated Stress Response in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder
MacLean Pancoast- Nasrallah 2010 Jeffery Golden Thearistaless-related homeobox gene in mouse brain development 
Amanda Crocker 2010 Amita Sehgal Circuitry underlying sleep in Drosophila melanogaster: Anatomy and the role of Octopamine 
Natalia Nedelsky 2010 J. Paul Taylor  Beyond the repeat: native functions of the androgen receptor are essential for the pathogenesis of spinobulbar muscular atrophy 
Gillian Ritson-Turnbull 2010 J. Paul Taylor  The basis of VCP-mediated degeneration: Insights from a Drosophila model of disease 
Cristin Welle 2010 Diego Contreras Gamma Oscillations in the Mouse Primary Visual Cortex as an Endophenotype of Schizophrenia
Matthew Abramian 2010 Steve Moss Phospho-Dependent Modulation of Extrasynaptic GABA A Receptors
LaTasha Crawford 2010 Sheryl Beck Probing the Neurophysiology of Anxiety: Social Stress Alters the Modulation of Serotonin Neurons
Jon  Raksin 2010 Marc Schmidt Linear and Nonlinear Auditory Response Properties of Putative Interneurons in a High Order Avian Vocal Motor Nucleus During Wakefulness 
Chenere Ramsey 2010 Benoit Giasson Studies of DJ-1, parkin, and alpha-synuclein give insights into plausible mechanism for Parkinson's disease pathogenesis
Defne Amado 2009 Jean Bennett Gene Therapy in the Retina: Exploring Neurotrophic Treatment and AAV Readministration in Retinal Disease
Brett McCray 2009 J. Paul Taylor Mutations in Rab7 That Cause Axonal Degeneration Result in Unregulated Nucleotide Exchange and Inappropriate Activation
Matt Bevers 2009 Robert Neumar Role of Calpain Isoforms in Acute Brain Injury
Nirupa Goel 2009 Tracy Bale Maturation and Sex Difference in Stress Sensitivity
Ksenia Orlova 2009 Peter Crino The Functio of STRADα During Corticogenesis: Insights into the Neuropathogenesis of Focal Cortical Dysplasias
Greg Carr 2009 Irwin Lucki Antidepressant and Anxiolytic-like Effects of Kappa-Opioid Receptor Antagonists in Wistar Kyoto Rats
Nicholas Delong 2009 Michael Nusbaum Sensorimotor Integration in a Small Motor Circuit
John Graziotto 2009 Robert Pierce Creation and Characterization of Mouse Models of RNA Splicing Factor Retinitis Pigmentosa
Jonathan McEuen 2009 Tracy Bale Modeling Stress Pathway Dysregulation in Affective Disorders
Todd Greco 2009 Harry Ischiropoulos Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics Reveals Distinct Mechanisms of Astrocyte Protein Secretion
Gerald Griffin 2009 Loretta Flanagan-Cato

Ovarian Hormones Remodel the Lattice of Dendrites and Oxytocinergic Innervation of the Female Rat Hypothalamic Ventromedial Nucleus

Michael Halassa 2009 Philip G. Haydon Neuromodulatory Roles for Astrocytes: Synapses, Circuits and Behavior
Alexia Harrist 2009 Francisco Gonzalez-Scarano Annexin 2 Interacts with HIV-1 Gag at Phosphatidylinositol (4,5) Bisphosphate-Containing Lipid Rafts and Increases Viral Production
Ethan Hughes 2009 Rita Balice-Gordon Mechanisms of Synapse Formation and Maintenance: Insights from the Developing and Diseased Nervous System
Joshua Jacobs 2009 Michael Selzer Brain Oscillations as a Window into Human Cognition
Leo Kim 2009 Virginia Lee Role of Amyloid Precursor Protein and Amyloid-ß in Alzheimer's Disease
Alexxai Kravitz 2009 Laura Peoples State-Dependent Information Processing in Reward Circuitry
Jeff Law 2009 Joshua Gold Mechanisms of learning a visual motion discrimination task
Anderson Lee 2009 Minghong Ma Olfactory Marker Protein is Critical for Functional Maturation of Olfactory Sensory Neurons in Mice
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Expression and Regulation of Epithelial Antibiotics

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Distance Perception by Motion Parallax in the Locust