NGG News Archive

  • NGG member, Heath Schmidt from Penn Nursing and an a associate professor of psychiatry seek to understand the relationship between parental nicotine use and addiction risk of their children. Read More

  • Mathias Basner of the Perelman School of Medicine study discusses the effects of astronauts’ cognitive performance. Read More

  • Vijay Balasubramanian, a NGG member did an interview with Quanta Magazine discussing his work and the connections he sees between neuroscience, physics and humanities.

  • NGG member, Elizabeth Heller and her lab aim to uncover how drug addiction can create long lasting effects in genes. Read More

  • NGG member, Michael Platt, NGG student, Camille Testard and other researchers published an study in Science Advances. They found that the number of social connections an individual animal has predicts the size of their brain which in part responsible for their social decision making. Read More

  • Penn researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine, including NGG member D. Kacy Cullen developed a new approach for repairing nerve injuries that preserves muscle function in rodents and their findings are published in Bioactive Materials. Read More

  • NGG member Roy Hamilton and Penn Medicine researcher demonstrated that transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) may help stimulate brain repair. Read More

A message from the Neuroscience Graduate Group: Response to Recent Events (June 2020)