F.M. Kirby Center for Molecular Ophthalmology

Jean Bennett's Lab

Selected Publications

Reich, SJ, Auricchio, A, Hildinger, M, Glover, E, Maguire, A.M., Wilson, J.M., Bennett, J, "Efficient trans-splicing in the retina expands the utility of adeno-associated virus as a vector for gene therapy," Human Gene Therapy, 14: 37-44 (2003).

Bennett, J, "Immune response following intraocular delivery of recombinant viral vectors," Gene Therapy, 10(11) 977-982 (2003).

Chen, L., Dentchev, T., Wong, R., Zeng, Y., Hahn, P., Wang, J., Wen, R., Bennett, J., and Dunaief, J., "Ceruloplasm expression increases in the retina following photic injury," Molecular Vision, 9:151-158 (2003).

Surace, EM, Auricchio, A, Reich, SJ, Rex, T, Glover, E, Pineles, S, Tang, W, O'Connor, E, Lyubarsky, A, Savchenko, A, Pugh, EN, Maguire, AM, Wilson, JM and Bennett, J, "Delivery of Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors to the Fetal Retina: Impact of Viral Capsid Proteins on Retinal Neuronal Progenitor Transduction, J. Virology, 77(14): 7957-63 (2003).

Reich, SJ, Fosnot, J, Kuroki, A, Tang, W, Yang, X, Maguire, AM, Bennett, J, Tolentino, MJ, "small interfering RNA targeting VEGF effectively inhibits ocular neovascularization in a mouse model," Molecular Vision 9:210-6, (2003).

Rex, TS, Allocca, M, Domenici, L, Surace, EM, Maguire, AM, Lyubarsky, A, Cellerino, A, Bennett, J and Auricchio, A, "Systemic but not intraocular Epo gene transfer protects the retina from light- and genetic-induced degeneration," Molecular Therapy 10(5):855-861 (2004).

Acland, GM, Aguirre, GD, Bennett, J, Aleman, TS, Cideciyan, AV, Bennicelli, J, Dejneka, NS, Pearce-Kelling, SE, Maguire, AM, Palczewski, K, Hauswirth, WW, Jacobson, SG, "Long-term restoration of rod and cone vision by single dose rAAV-mediated gene transfer to the retina in a canine model of childhood blindness," Molecular Therapy, in press (2005).

Jacobson SG, Aleman TS, Cideciyan AV, Sumaroka A, Schwartz SB, Windsor EAM, Traboulsi EI, Heon E, Pittler SJ, Milam AH, Maguire AM, Palczewski K, Stone EM, Bennett J. Identifying photoreceptors in blind eyes due to RPE65 mutations:Prerequisite for human gene therapy success. PNAS 102:6177-6182 (2005).

Lebherz C, Auricchio A, Maguire AM, Rivera VM, Tang W, Grant RL, Clackson T, Bennett J, Wilson JM, "Long-term inducible gene expression in the eye via adeno-associated virus gene transfer in nonhuman primates," Human Gene Therapy 16(2):178-86 (2005).

Lebherz, C, Maguire, AM, Auricchio, A, Tang, W, Aleman, TS, Wei, Z, Grant, R, Cideciyan, AV, Jacobson, SG, Wilson, JM and Bennett, J, Non-Human Primate Models for Retinal Neovascularization using AAV2-Mediated Overexpression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Diabetes 54(4):1141-9 (2005)

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