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  • Englund EK, Rodgers ZB, Langham MC, Mohler ER, Floyd TF, Wehrli FW. (2016) Measurement of skeletal muscle perfusion dynamics with pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling (pCASL): Assessment of relative labeling efficiency at rest and during hyperemia, and comparison to pulsed arterial spin labeling (PASL). J Magn Reson Imaging [In Press].
  • Li C, Magland JF, Zhao X, Seifert A, Wehrli FW. (2016) Selective in vivo bone imaging with long-T2 suppressed PETRA MRI. Magn Reson Med Article first published online: Feb 24. PMID:26914767
  • Langham, MC, Desjardins B, Englund EK, Mohler ER III, Floyd TF, Wehrli FW. (2016) Rapid high-resolution, self-registered, dual lumen-contrast MRI method for vessel-wall assessment in peripheral artery disease: a preliminary investigation. Acad Rad 23(4):457-467. PMID:26916248
  • Rodgers Z, Detre JA, Wehrli FW. (2016) MRI-based methods for quantification of the cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2). J Cereb Blood Flow Metab [In Press].
  • Wehrli FW, Fan AP, Rodgers ZB, Englund EK, Langham MC. (2016) Susceptibility-based time-resolved whole-organ and regional tissue oximetry. NMR Biomed [Article first published online: Feb 26]. PMID:26918319
  • Magland JF, Li C, Langham MC, Wehrli FW (2016) Pulse sequence programming in a dynamic visual environment: SequenceTree. Magn Reson Med 75(1):257-265. PMID:25754837
  • 2015

    Rodgers ZB, Leinwand SE, Keenan BT, Kini LG, Schwab RJ, and Wehrli FW (2015) Cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2) in obstructive sleep apnea at rest and in response to breath-hold challenge. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab [Article first published online: Sept 30]. PMID:26661146
  • Englund EK, Langham MC, Ratcliffe SJ, Fanning MJ, Wehrli FW, Mohler ER III, Floyd TF (2015) Multiparametric assessment of vascular function in peripheral artery disease: dynamic measurement of skeletal muscle perfusion, blood-oxygen-level dependent signal, and venous oxygen saturation. Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 8(4):e002673. PMID:25873722
  • Zhang N, Magland JF, Song HK, Wehrli FW (2015) Registration-based autofocusing technique for automatic correction of motion artifacts in time-series studies of high-resolution bone MRI. J Magn Reson Imaging 41(4):954-963. PMID:24803089
  • Barhoum S, Langham MC, Magland JF, Rodgers ZB, Li C, Rajapakse CS,Wehrli  FW (2015) Method for rapid MRI quantification of global cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 35(10):1616-1622. PMID:25966941
  • Seifert AC, Li C, Wehrli SL, Wehrli FW (2015) A surrogate measure of cortical bone matrix density by long T(2)-suppressed MRI. J Bone Miner Res 30(12):2229-2238. PMID:26085307
  • Barhoum S, Rodgers ZB, Langham M, Magland JF, Li C, Wehrli FW (2015) Comparison of MRI methods for measuring whole-brain venous oxygen saturation. Magn Reson Med 73(6):2122-2128. PMID:24975122
  • Seifert AC, Wehrli SL, Wehrli FW (2015) Bi-component T2* analysis of bound and pore bone water fractions fails at high field strengths. NMR Biomed 28(7):861-872.  PMID:25981785
  • Rajapakse CS, Bashoor-Zadeh M, Li C, Sun W, Wright AC, Wehrli FW (2015) Volumetric cortical bone porosity assessment with MR imaging: Validation and clinical feasibility. Radiology 276(2):526-535. PMID:26203710
  • Langham MC, Zhou Y, Chirico EN, Magland JF, Sehgal CM, Englund EK, Mohler ER III, Guo, W, Barhoum, S, Wehrli FW (2015) Effects of age and smoking on endothelial function assessed by quantitative MRI in the peripheral and central vasculature. J Cardiov Magn Reson 17(19) Article
  • Rodgers ZB, Englund EK, Langham MC, Magland JF, Wehrli FW (2015) Rapid T2- and susceptometry-based CMRO2 quantification with interleaved TRUST (iTRUST). NeuroImage 106:441-450. PMID:25449740
  • 2014

  • Al Mukaddam M, Rajapakse CS, Bhagat YA, Wehrli FW, Guo W, Peachey H, Lebeau SO, Zemel BS, Wang C, Swerdloff R, Kapoor SC, Snyder PJ (2014) Effects of testosterone and growth hormone on the structural and mechanical properties of bone by microMRI in the distal tibia of men with hypopituitarism. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 99(4):1236-1244. PMID:24423356
  • Wehrli FW, Rodgers ZB, Jain V, Langham MC, Li C, Licht DJ, Magland J (2014) Time-resolved MRI oximetry for quantifying CMRO2 and vascular reactivity. Acad Radiol 21(2):207-214. PMID:2439334
  • Rajapakse CS, Phillips EA, Sun W, Wald MJ, Magland JF, Snyder PJ, Wehrli FW (2014) Vertebral deformities and fractures are associated with MRI and pQCT measures obtained at the distal tibia and radius of postmenopausal women. Osteoporosis Int 25(3):973-982. PMID:24221453
  • Jain V, Buckley EM, Licht DJ, Lynch JM, Schwab PJ, Naim MY, Lavin NA, Nicolson SC, Montenegro LM, Yodh AG, Wehrli FW (2014) Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism in Neonates with Congenital Heart Disease Quantified by MRI and Optics. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 34(3):380-8. PMID:24326385
  • Li C, Seifert AS, Saligheh Rad H, Bhagat Y, Rajapakse CS, Sun W, Lam SCB, Wehrli FW (2014) Cortical bone water concentration: dependence on age and pore volume fraction. Radiology 272(3):796-806. PMID:24814179
  • Seifert AC, Li C, Rajapakse CS, Bashoor-Zadeh M, Bhagat YA, Wright AC, Zemel BS, Zavaliangos A, Wehrli FW. Bone mineral (31)P and matrix-bound water densities measured by solid-state (31)P and (1)H MRI. (2014) NMR Biomed 27(7):738-748. PMID:24846186
  • Li C, Magland JF, Seifert AC, Wehrli FW (2014) Correction of excitation profile in zero echo time (ZTE) imaging using quadratic phase-modulated RF pulse excitation and iterative reconstruction. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 33(4):961-969. PMID:24710164
  • 2013

  • Zhang N, Magland JF, Bhagat, Y, Rajapakse, C, Wehrli FW. (2013) Potential of in-vivo MRI-based nonlinear finite-element analysis for the assessment of trabecular bone post-yield properties. Med Phys 40(5):052303. PMID:23635290
  • Rodgers Z, Jain V, Englund EK, Langham MC, Wehrli, FW (2013) High temporal resolution MRI quantification of global cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption in response to apneic challenge. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 33(10):1514-1522. PMID:23838827
  • Englund EK, Langham MC, Li C, Rodgers ZB, Floyd TF, Mohler ER, Wehrli FW (2013) Combined measurement of perfusion, venous oxygen saturation, and skeletal muscle T2* during reactive hyperemia in the leg. J Cardiov Magn Reson 15:70. PMID:23958293
  • Langham MC, Li C, Englund EK, Chirico EN, Mohler ER, Floyd TF, Wehrli FW (2013) Vessel-wall imaging and quantification of flow-mediated dilation using water-selective 3D SSFP-echo. J Cardiov Magn Reson 15(1):100. PMID:24172037
  • Wehrli FW (2013) Magnetic resonance of calcified tissues. J Magn Reson 229:35-48. PMID:23414678
  • Seifert AC, Wright AL, Wehrli SL, Ong, HH, Li C, Wehrli FW (2013) 31P NMR relaxation of cortical bone mineral at multiple magnetic field strengths and levels of demineralization. NMR Biomed 26(9):1158-1166. PMID:23505120
  • Langham MC, Englund EK, Mohler ER, Li C, Rodgers ZB, Floyd TF, Wehrli FW (2013) Quantitative CMR markers of impaired vascular reactivity associated with age and peripheral artery disease. J Cardiov Magn Reson 5(1):17. PMID:23402422
  • 2012

    Jain V, Magland J, Langham M, Wehrli FW (2012) High temporal resolution in vivo blood oximetry via projection-based T(2) measurement. Magn Reson Med 70(3):785-790. PMID:23081759
  • Wald MJ, Magland JF, Rajapakse CS, Wehrli FW (2012) Predicting trabecular bone elastic properties from measures of bone volume fraction and fabric on the basis of micro magnetic resonance images. Magn Reson Med 68:463–473. PMID:22162036
  • Ong HH, Wright AC, Wehrli FW (2012) Deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance unambiguously quantifies pore and collagen-bound water in cortical bone. J Bone Min Res 27(12):2573-2581. PMID:22807107
  • Rajapakse CS, Leonard MB, Bhagat YA, Sun W, Magland JF, Wehrli FW. (2012) Micro-MRI based computational biomechanics demonstrates reduction in cortical and trabecular bone strength following renal transplantation. Radiol 262(3):912-920. PMID:22357891
  • Li C, Langham MC, Epstein CL, Magland JF, Wu J, Gee J, Wehrli FW. (2012) Accuracy of the cylinder approximation for susceptometric measurement of intravascular oxygen saturation. Magn Reson Med 67(3):808-813. PMID:21858859
  • Magland JF, Zhang N, Rajapakse CS, Wehrli FW. (2012) Computationally-optimized bone mechanical modeling from high-resolution structural images. PLoS ONE 7(4):e35525. PMID:22558164
  • Wilhelm MJ, Ong HH, Wehrli SL, Tsai PH, Hackney DB, Wehrli FW. (2012) Direct magnetic resonance detection of myelin and prospects for quantitative imaging of myelin density. Proc Natl Acad Sci 109(24):9605-9610. PMID:22628562
  • 2011

    Langham MC, Li C, Magland JF, Wehrli FW. (2011) Non-triggered MRI quantification of aortic pulse-wave velocity. Magn Reson Med 65(3):750-755. PMID:22188972
  • Bhagat YA, Rajapakse CS, Magland JF, Love JH, Wright AC, Wald MJ, Song HK, Wehrli FW. (2011) Performance of µMRI-based virtual bone biopsy for structural and mechanical analysis at the distal tibia at 7T field strength. J Magn Reson Imaging 33(2):372-381. PMID:21274979
  • Saligheh Rad H, Lam SCB, Magland JF, Ong H, Li C, Song HK, Love J, Wehrli FW. (2011) Quantifying cortical bone water in vivo by 3D ultra-short echo-time MRI. NMR Biomed 24(7):855–864. PMID:21274960
  • Jain VA, Floyd T, Jain G, Magland J, Wehrli FW. (2011) Rapid magnetic resonance measurement of global cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption in humans during rest and hypercapnia. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 31(7):1504-1512. PMID:21505481
  • Wright AC, Lemdiasov R, Connick TJ, Bhagat YA, Magland JF, Song HK, Toddes SP, Ludwig R, Wehrli FW. (2011) Helmholtz-pair transmit coil with integrated receive array for high-resolution MRI of trabecular bone in the distal tibia at 7 T. J Mag Reason 210(1):113-122. PMID:21402488
  • Lam SCB, Wald MJ, Rajapakse CS, Liu Y, Saha PK, Wehrli FW. (2011) Performance of the MRI-based virtual bone biopsy in the distal radius: Serial reproducibility and reliability of structural and mechanical parameters in women representative of osteoporosis study populations. Bone 49(4):895-903. PMID:21784189
  • Li C, Magland JF, Saligheh Rad H, Song HK, Wehrli FW. (2011) Comparison of optimized soft-tissue suppression schemes for ultra-short echo time (UTE) MRI. Magn Reson Med 68(3):680-689. PMID:24423356
  • 2010

    Langham MC, Jain V, Magland JF, Wehrli FW. (2010) Time-resolved absolute velocity quantification with projections. Magn Reson Med 64(6):1599-1606. PMID:20677235
  • Jain V, Langham MC, Wehrli FW. (2010) MRI estimation of global brain oxygen consumption rate. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 30(9):1598-1607. PMID:20407465
  • Ong HH, Wehrli FW. (2010) Quantifying axon diameter and intra-cellular volume fraction in excised mouse spinal cord with q-space imaging. NeuroImage 51(4):1360-1366. PMID:20350604
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  • Anumula S, Wehrli SL, Magland J, Wright AC, Wehrli FW. (2010) Ultra-short echo-time MRI detects changes in bone mineralization and water content in OVX rate bone in response to alendronate treatment. Bone 46:1391-1399. PMID:20096815
  • Magland JF, Rajapakse CS, Wight AC, Acciavatti R, Wehrli FW. (2010) 3D fast spin echo with out-of-slab cancellation – A technique for high-resolution structural imaging of trabecular bone at 7 Tesla. Magn Reson Med 63:719-727. PMID:20187181
  • 2009

    Epstein CL, Magland JF. (2009) The hard pulse approximation for the AKNS 2×2-system. doi:10.1088/0266-5611/25/10/105006. Inverse Problems 25:105006 (20pp). PDF
  • Langham MC, Floyd TF, Mohler ER, Magland JF. (2009) Evaluation of cuff-induced ischemia in the lower extremity by magnetic resonance oximetry. J Am Coll Cardiol 55(6):598-606. PMID:20152564
  • Langham MC, Magland JF, Epstein CL, Floyd TF, Wehrli FW. (2009) Accuracy and precision of MR blood oximetry based on the long paramagnetic cylinder approximation of large vessels. Magn Reson Med 62:333–340. PMID:19526517
  • 2008

  • Song R, Lin W, Chen Q, Asakura T, Wehrli FW, Song HK. (2008) Relationship between MR transverse relaxation parameters R2*, R2, and R2' and hepatic iron content in thalassemia mice at 1.5T and 3T. NMR Biomed 21:574-580. PMID:18041805
  • Techawiboonwong A, Song HK, Leonard MB, Wehrli FW. (2008) Cortical bone water: in vivo quantification with ultrashort echo-time MR imaging. Radiol 248:824-833. PMID:18632530
  • Ong HH, Wright AC, Wehrli SL, Souza A, Schwartz ED, Hwang SN, Wehrli FW. (2008) Indirect measurement of regional axon diameter in excised mouse spinal cord with Q-space imaging: simulation and experimental studies. NeuroImage 40:1619-1632. PMID:18342541
  • Wehrli FW, Ladinsky GA, Jones C, Benito M, Magland J, Vasilic B, Popescu AM, Zemel B, Cucchiara AJ, Wright AC, Song HK, Saha PK, Peachey H, Snyder PJ. (2008) In vivo magnetic resonance detects rapid remodeling changes in the topology of the trabecular bone network following menopause and protective effect of estradiol. J Bone Min Res 23(5):730-740. PMID:18251704
  • Anumula SS, Magland J, Wehrli SL, Ong H, Song, HK, Wehrli FW. (2008) Multi-modality study of the compositional and mechanical implications of hypomineralization in a rabbit model of osteomalacia. Bone 42(2):405-413. PMID:18053788