Cancer Care: Spinal Column and Spinal Cord Cancers

Amongst the highest priorities of our lab is to enhance quality and quantity of life for patients suffering with cancers of the spinal column and spinal cord. Toward this end we have developed surgical techniques and technologies intended to improve care and improve recovery. Our surgical evaluation and intervention team includes specialists from oncology, radiation oncology, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedic oncology, neuroradiology, nursing, surgical oncology, colorectal surgery, gynecologic oncology, and vascular surgery, among others. Our work begins with patient focused case conferences and our various partnerships lead to specific clinical studies.




Clinical Vignettes:

CV1: Foramen magnum meningioma

smaller 1

CV2: Upper Cervical Spine Chordoma

smallest 2
CV3: Cervical Dens Fracture

smallest 3
CV4: Lumbar Sarcoma

smallest 4

CV5: Sarcoma of the Pelvis and Sacrum

smaller 5

CV6: Meningioma of the Brain and Skull


CV7: Thoracic Spine Knife Injury

smaller 7

CV8: Thoracic Spinal Dissociation Fracture

smaller 8

Additional Case and Case Series Information:
One of the world’s rarest surgeries: An en-bloc resection of a cervical chordoma

Clinical Briefing: En Bloc Spondylectomy and TransOral Robotic Surgery for Cervical Chordoma

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Surgical and Medical Management of Osteosarcoma 

How we did it: The World's First En Bloc Resection of a Rare Cervical Chordoma Tumor