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Applying for Programs/Funding

Guide to Funding Opportunities

A couple of things for Penn medical students to keep in mind when using this website:

  • Current information is listed on the website when available; however, many programs do not disseminate new information until early Fall/winter.  Interested students are encouraged to contact the funding agency directly for more information.
  • "Penn Approval for Submission" indicates that applications will go through an internal review process prior to being submitted to the funding institution.  If the research description is listed as being "Penn Approval for Submission," then you must apply through the Combined Degree Office. If it is listed as "Penn Reviewed" or "Externally Reviewed," then you are free to apply directly to the Penn Department or outside organization sponsoring the award. Read the program summary carefully to determine where your application should be sent. 
  • Although summary information is provided below, it is essential that students who apply for funding carefully review the guidelines provided by the program itself, in order to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria and are fully aware of all requirements.
  • If you apply for a fellowship that requires an "Official Signing for the Institution," your application will need to go through Penn Research Services (see "Notifications" section on Applying for Programs/Funding). Plan ahead: this is a two week process, and you will need the help of your mentor's Business Administrator.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Associate Director of the CD Office.