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Please review the "Filming at Penn Medicine" policy (PDF) before requesting production services from MT&P.


The Media Technology & Production diivision offers top quality audio and video production services that can enhance any and every level of business, research, and education here at the Perelman School of Medicine. Call on us to...



...Record lectures and events for posterity or for distribution on media ranging from high-definition DVD to web based solutions like Mediasite. This can save an instructor from having to give the same lecture over and over or can serve as a supplement to a lecture that can be accessed at any time. Enhance a live event or classroom lecture with pre-recorded video. The video can be produced ahead of time and shown live and/or distributed on disc to attendees at an event. Using Mediasite your event can be streamed live and be made available online as an on-demand stream.



...Produce safety, instructional, or training videos for faculty, staff, and students that can be viewed at their leisure, thereby avoiding scheduling conflicts or other time issues. These can be very straightforward and 'matter of fact' or they can be more narrative and dramatic.


...Generate QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) scenes for virtual tours of facilities, especially those that are not easily accessible like O.R. or other areas not open directly to the public.  
...Transfer old VHS tapes to DVD or into any of several web video formats. Or transfer old cassette tapes or CDs into mp3 format for Podcasting. We also offer mass duplication of CDs and DVDs if you have a video project that you want to distribute to attendees at an event or mail out after the fact.  


About Us

As a division of Space Planning & Operations, the mission of Media Technology & Production is to facilitate superior service and customer support in classroom technologies, video and multimedia productions, audio/visual services, and consulting in accordance with Penn Medicine in order to further the academic and research missions of the Perelman School of Medicine.

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