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Most of the auditoriums on the SOM campus, including Reunion, Class of 1962, Austrian, Dunlop, and the BRB auditorium have videoconferencing capabilities. All of the above auditoriums can host or receive an IP based videoconference and the option of an incoming ISDN videoconference is available through a third party at an additional cost. Videoconferences can range from local calls from one part of Penn to another, to anywhere in the world. They're a great way to save on travel time and costs.


Videoconferencing in an Auditorium

We also offer videoconferences in other rooms on campus that do not have installed equipment by way of portable videoconferencing units. This is not available off of the SOM campus and is limited to certain rooms on campus. Call the MTP department with questions you may have regarding availability at 215-898-0514.

portable videoconference

Portable Videoconference Unit

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As a division of Space Planning & Operations, the mission of Media Technology & Production is to facilitate superior service and customer support in classroom technologies, video and multimedia productions, audio/visual services, and consulting in accordance with Penn Medicine in order to further the academic and research missions of the Perelman School of Medicine.

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