Media Technology & Production - Equipment Rental

Prices may vary slightly from those listed below. For the most up-to-date pricing call our main office at 215-898-0514.

To book services or to rent equipment please click here to fill out a SPOTS request (PennKey and budget code required).


A/V Technician Hourly Rates The hourly rate for an audio/visual technician varies depending upon the location and time of day of your event. Regular rates apply between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Overtime rates apply for all other days and times. At least 1/2 hour of time is added to the beginning and end times of every event where a technician will be required to setup or stay on site. This allows time for the technician to setup and test equipment before hand and break down and store equipment afterward. For example: If you have an event that will go from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, the technician will typically arrive at 7:30 and be scheduled until 5:30. Call For Price Quote
Audience Response System System of 'clickers' used in conjunction with specially formatted PowerPoint presentations. Use of this system is restricted as there are a limited number of keypads fro audience members. Please contact MT&P for more information. Call for Price
Audio Recording Technician on-site to record audio of an event. This type of event will incur the appropriate hourly rate as well as any fees for equipment used for the recording. Equipment fees do not apply to auditoriums or other rooms that have recording equipment fixed in space. Hourly Tech Fee + Equipment and Blank Media Used
Blank Media - CD-ROM Blank CD with case used to store audio or data.


Blank Media - DVD-ROM Blank DVD with case used to store video or data. $5.50
Digital Still Camera Our A/V technicians are available to take still photos of people, places, and events. We do not offer our cameras for rent without a technician to operate them. Hourly Tech Fee + $82.50 (8:00 AM-5:00 PM)
Digital Video Camera Our A/V technicians are available to record video of people, places, and events. We do not offer our cameras for rent without a technician to operate them. See "Video Production" section below
Laptop - Windows Based We have several Dell laptops available that run Windows XP or Windows 7 and include may applications needed for daily use including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Office.

$110 in SP&O Public Spaces $165 in Non-SP&O Spaces

Laptop - Apple (Mac OSX) We have several Apple laptops available that run Mac OSX and include may applications needed for daily use including Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Office. $110 in SP&O Public Spaces $165 in Non-SP&O Spaces
Laptop Speakerss Computer speakers that can be setup to plug into a laptop in rooms where the projector's speaker isn't loud enough. Good for watching a DVD from a laptop. Hourly Technician Fee For Setup. No Additional Charge for Speakers.
Laser Pointer / PowerPoint Remote Control Laser pointer/ slide advancer remote control for PowerPoint. Internal Groups = No Charge. External Groups = $27.50
LCD Projector - Portable Portable LCD projector with VGA cable for connecting to a laptop. $132
MediaSite - Fixed In Space Several of our auditoriums have a MediaSite recorder installed in the space. Call For Price
MediaSite - Portable We currently have one portable MediaSite that can be used for events outside of our auditoriums.

Call For Price

MediaSite - Hosting Events recorded with our MediaSite can be a live stream only or can be stored on our server for on-demand viewing. We can also convert other, previously recorded vidoes into a format compatible with MediaSite for hosting on our server.

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Microphone - Wired We have several dynamic handheld microphones available for rent. They are perfect for all sorts of live events and can amplify the sound of everything from voices to musical instruments. $33 Each
Microphone - Wireless We have several wireless handheld and lapel microphones available. These are better suited for events where the speaker will be moving around and does not want to hold a microphone (lapel) or perfect for passing around an audience for Q&A sessions (handheld). $38.50 Each
Microphone Stand - Stage These microphone stands are suitable for a speaker who wants a microphone on a stand but does not want to stand behind a podium, a live vocal performer (singer), or for putting in the aisle in an auditorium for Q&A sessions. $27.50 Each
Microphone Stand - Tabletop These stands are useful for holding microphones during panel discussions. Allowing participants to be heard without having to hold or wear a microphone. $27.50 Each
Overhead Transparency Projector For viewing transparency films on a projection screen. Not to be confused with an LCD projector that in many rooms is mounted 'overhead' on the ceiling and is used to project PowerPoint and other files from a PC. $27.50 Each
Podium With Sound - Fixed In Space This refers to podiums that are permanently installed in our conference rooms or auditoriums. $77
Podium With Sound - Portable These podiums can be used in conferencerooms/classrooms where there is not a pemanently installed podium. They are also useful for lobby and outdoor events. $77
Post-Production / Editing A myraid of post-production services are available. These include everything from color correction and image enhancement to editing with titles and transitions, to DVD creation (with menus), encoding audio & video for the web, etc. Hourly Tech Fee Applies
Power Strips Large power strips with multiple outlets that can be used to supply power to students' laptops. $27.50
Press Box Splits one microphone into several outputs suitable for the media at a press conference. $110
Projection Screen - Portable Portable screen for use with LCD or overhead projector. $33
Sound System, Portable - Small Small sound system for use in a classroom or conference room.


Sound System, Portable - Medium Medium sized sound system (with built in CD player and auxiliary input for iPod) for use in larger rooms or a building lobby/lounge. $165
Sound System, Portable - Large Large sound system suitable for large outdoor areas or auditoriums without a sound system fixed in space. $220
Telepohne Conference Unit - TELCO Teleconference Unit


TV Cart With VHS/DVD Player Television cart with a flat screen TV and a DVD/VCR combination player. $110
Videoconferencing Unit - Fixed In Space IP based videoconferencing unit that is permanently installed in a room or auditorium. See "Video Conference Test Call" below. $275
Videoconferencing Unit - Portable IP based videoconferencing unit that is mounted on a portable cart with a flat screen TV(s). These units can only be used in rooms that have a 100 Megabit or faster network connection. Contact our scheduling department for available rooms. See "Video Conference Test Call" below. $275
Videoconference Test Call All events that will include a videoconference require that a test call be made at least three days in advance of the event. This ensures that a successful call can be made between Penn and the 'far end' participants. Contact our office for details. Hourly Technician Fee Applies
Video Production The MTP&P division has full video production capabilities. We have several high-definition cameras and we have videotaped nearly every kind of event at Penn from classes to grant related videos for the NIH website to press conferences to live surgeries and dissections. We also have a studio that is ideal for recording lectures or video press releases that can be viewed on-line. Contact our office to discuss your production needs. Hourly Tech Fee Applies. Call For Details
Videotapes Blank videotapes are invoiced as part of every recording that we do. The tapes are inventoried and archived in our main office in the event that you require more copies of your event in the future. The price of the tapes varies depending on the format and length of the tape. Call For Details
Wireless Keyboard Wireless keyboards with a built-in trackpad mouse are available. They use a USB receiver and have a range of about 100 feet. $27.50


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As a division of Space Planning & Operations, the mission of Media Technology & Production is to facilitate superior service and customer support in classroom technologies, video and multimedia productions, audio/visual services, and consulting in accordance with Penn Medicine in order to further the academic and research missions of the Perelman School of Medicine.

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