Leadership Essentials: Intensive Testimonials

Cohort 5 - Spring 2023

Alexandria Oliver



The whole LE:I program was valuable - especially the workshop on Creating Buy-In. I didn't realize how much of engagement was tied to this aspect. I see it in a very different light.

~Alexandria Oliver, Research Project Manager @Neurology

Quy Cao



I learned so much about myself during the LE:I program and how to effectively lead and interact in different groups.

~Quy Cao, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics @DBEI

Krista Szalma



I learned so much about the nuances of interacting with different leaders. The LE:I program has given me a lot to think about and many takeaways to act on- especially as I transition into my new role.

~Krista Szalma, Director of Division Administration @OB/GYN Division of REI

Laura Schankel



I’m always a bit skeptical of trainings, but having gone through your LE:F and LE:I programs has been incredibly valuable. I have learned so much. My leader and I believe every manager should take these programs.

~Laura Schankel, Research Program Manager @Penn Memory Center