Managing in a Hybrid Workplace

LinkedIn Learning Path

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The LinkedIn Learning path, "Develop Essential Skills to Manage in a Hybrid Workplace", consists of 9 online, self-paced courses managers can take to optimize their hybrid leadership.

The new frontier of hybrid work demands that managers adapt to working in new contexts. Zero in on key skills like productivity, effective meetings, coaching, delegating, collaborating, and connecting while working at a distance and in person.

This LinkedIn Learning Path will help leaders:

  • Recognize components of effective hybrid work management.
  • Apply new approaches to manage and lead remotely.
  • Practice remote coaching, delegating, and collaborating.


Remote Worker Performance Management Panel Discussion (recorded 12/08/2020)




Microsoft Teams web log in

Microsoft Teams O365 is included with your UPenn O365 account, and is a powerful unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. It also easily integrates Microsoft Planner, for a complete project management solution.  You can access Microsoft Teams with your web browser, as well as apps on your mobile devices.  The following video is a quick overview (2:30), and more comprehensive training is available through LinkedIn Learning in Workday, by following the links below. 

You are able to have users from both UPHS and The University collaborate on the same team.  If your primary email address is, then colleagues with a email address are guests for you. The opposite would apply if your primary email address is The “guest” user you invite to your team will have to toggle to their guest account to see that team.  The following video (2:08) is a brief overview of that process.