About the Penn Center for Precision Medicine

The Penn Center for Precision Medicine (PCPM) works to enhance the development of precision medicine efforts, as well as implement precision-medicine-based clinical care in the fabric of routine care.

We hope to forge strong interconnections between the people who are making impactful scientific discoveries every day and the clinicians and clinical teams delivering outstanding care. We also serve as a source of information for both programs and centers within the health system and for organizations outside that wish to explore partnerships with us.

Precision Medicine's 4 Initatives of Measure Outcomes Build Infrastructures to Maximize Synergies Integrating Precision Medicine into Patient Care Present a Robust, Outward Facing PresenceTo accomplish these goals and advance precision medicine, we have the following four initiatives in place:

  1. Measure Outcomes
  2. Build Infrastructures to Maximize Synergies
  3. Integrating Precision Medicine into Patient Care
  4. Present a Robust, Outward Facing Presence

Measure Outcomes

We bring together an interdisciplinary team with expertise in data analysis, biostatistics and health economics to allow us to measure both biological (medical) and economic (cost and cost avoidance) outcomes. These measurements will be critical to evaluate the success of our efforts.

Build Infrastructure to Maximize Synergies

We’re building a structure that will better integrate efforts, break up silos and achieve more synergy. This infrastructure includes:

  • A fellows program to help faculty leaders vet and develop precision medicine projects
  • Two assistant directors tasked with bringing clinicians, physician-scientists and researchers together
  • An “accelerator fund”, designed to support projects that test novel, interdisciplinary precision medicine approaches that directly impact patient care
  • A translational innovation laboratory to help us continuously innovate and accelerate the translation and validation of cutting-edge diagnostic technology

Integrate Precision Medicine in Patient Care

Our biggest goal is to translate the advances in precision medicine into daily care for our patients. We’re employing “demonstration projects” to bring precision medicine into routine patient operations and measure their impact.

Present an Outward-Facing Presence

We’ll communicate Penn’s leadership in precision medicine to internal staff and to the broader public via online and social media outreach and an annual symposium.