Request for Applications

PCPM Accelerator Fund

The PCPM Accelerator Fund was established to fund proposals aimed at bringing approaches or technologies already developed and tested to humans, to determine the viability of the proposed approaches to advance clinical care. The primary purpose of the accelerator fund is to help projects with high potential to advance precision medicine-based clinical care get “over the threshold” that separates research from clinical application and provide proof of concept that the approach could be applicable in the clinic.

General Guidelines

Successful Accelerator Fund applications must focus on bringing a particular precision medicine approach to clinical care, and should be supported by preliminary data, derived by others or by the investigators themselves, demonstrating the viability of the approach under laboratory conditions. Please note that for purposes of this process, “precision medicine” is broadly defined, and includes a variety of approaches to genotype and phenotype patients and their application to personalized care (including genetics, genomics, other ‘omics, biomarkers, imaging, computational approaches, wearable devices, etc.).

Submission Instructions

Please note we are not accepting applications at this time.
Please email with submission inquiries.