“COVID-19: Scientific Advances and its Impact on Women’s Health” 9/11/20 8:30am-12:30pm CST.  (Hosted by WUSTL).

Cold Spring Harbor Labs is presenting a regular series of SARS-CoV-2/COVID Rapid Research Report 2 day virtual conferences. Oral sessions will be in the later morning and afternoon sessions US eastern standard time to maximize access by participants from around the world. The scope of the research presented will address: viral origins & genetic variation; virus biology; host response; therapeutics & vaccines.  The initial two conferences will feature invited talk abstracts (limit one per group) will be considered for consideration for oral and poster presentations for the later sessions. The first sessions are June 16 and 17. 

Virtual FISV Symposium on SARS-CoV2 Biology and COVID-19 9/16/2020
Internationally renowned scientists from Italy and abroad will present their research on six different interdisciplinary topics, including from viral evolution, life cycle and structure, virus-host cell interactions, markers of diagnosis and pathology, as well as adaptive immunity and vaccines and drug treatment approaches. Six short talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts and aligned with the topics of our invited speakers. All participants will have ample opportunity to interact with the speakers as well as with their colleagues, ensuring exchange of knowledge and ideas. Register by 4 September 2020 to save your space at the conference! Registration is free, but the overall number of participants is limited to 500.