Available Resources

We’ve been working hard to put together Resources that will help Penn Research Personnel conduct the day-to-day tasks required in clinical trials, and in hopes of preventing people from re-inventing the wheel.  Enter your information to receive a copy of any of the available resources. Please note that not all resources are kept up-to-date and we welcome feedback/updates.

Recruitment Strategies Manual

Process Notes (detailed description of a Penn process including purpose, intended audience, description, key contacts & flow diagram)

  • Archiving at Penn
  • BAA & Information Security Review 
  • Certified Copy of Medical Records
  • CHOP Credentialing 
  • CDA
  • CTMS
  • Penn Global Medicine - International Research Subjects
  • Greenphire ClinCard
  • Interpreter Services
  • Penn IRB Reliance Agreement Requirements
  • Non-English Speakers Using Short Form
  • NucMed Ops
  • Scheduling Ultrasounds for Research Studies
  • Submitting a PDS Report Request 


  • Site Assessment Visit Checklist
  • Onboarding Staff to Active Study Checklist
  • Study Closeout Checklist
  • New Employee Start-Up Checklist


  • Study Start-Up Tracker
  • CV, ML, Trainings 
  • IRB Reliance (things to document & tracker after agreement made)
  • Feasibility Assessments 

Miscellaneous resources

  • Rating Labs & Procedures for Clinical Significance
  • How to Draw a Pedigree
  • Genetic Testing and IDE Determination

What resources would you like to see us develop? Are you willing to develop a resource for the DOM CTU?
Submit a request or sign up to develop a resource by completing the Resource Topics form and sending to the CTU.