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Nuclear Medicine Advanced Image Analysis Laboratory

For PET analysis, in addition to the workstations and software provided by the PET/CT vendors, including Philips (EBW, ISP), Siemens (Leonardo), and GE (Xeleris, AW), our laboratory also operates a variety of 3rd party workstations, including MimVista, Osirix and TeraRecon to enable SUV image analysis on a variety of platforms. Kinetic modeling can be performed using PMOD software, which has recently been installed in our lab.

The recently opened Quantitative Imaging Analysis Laboratory is in the John Morgan Building, close to the clinical imaging facilities. This laboratory has been assembled to focus on quantitative imaging and kinetic analysis, encompassing kinetic-based methods/modalities for PET, focused on imaging probe-based approaches. The facility includes 5 work bays for image analysis, with workstations and image analysis software intended for Radiology Department investigators and collaborators needing facilities for image analysis. It has a common area with several large-screen LCDs for common review of images, discussion, and analysis. Available software packages include MIM, PMOD, AMIDE, and other programs relevant to image analysis, especially for molecular imaging.


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