Penn Neurodegeneration Genomics Center

Penn Neurodegeneration Genomics Center—Journal Club

PNGC journal club will meet in Richards C108. To sign up for the PNGC journal club email list, fill out the form at this link.

2018 — 2019 Schedule

Date Presenter Paper
November 13 — 1:00pm Abha Belorkar PubMed Link
December 4 — 1:00pm Alex Amlie-Wolf PubMed Link
January 30 — 3:00pm Liming Qu PubMed Link
February 12 — 1:00pm Alessandra Chesi PubMed Link
March 13 — 3:00pm Eli Mlnarski PubMed Link
May 7 — 3:00pm Mariana Argenziano PubMed Link
May 14 — 1:00pm Katerina Placek PubMed Link

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