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Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs partners with Penn's Career Services office so that most of their services can be provided to our biomedical postdocs. The first step to your job search should be to look at their website and become familiar with their services and resources. Then you might want to meet with a career counselor at Career Services for an appointment.

Career Services counselors can help with CV editing, converting a CV into a resume, review of cover letters, interview preparation, and salary negotiation tips. Along with their one-on-one services, they also offer a plethora of workshops throughout the year that cover every aspect of looking for a job, plus speakers on a vast array of fields that you can work in with a scientific degree. They organize a biomedical career fair every fall, have numerous job openings posted by employers interested in Penn students and postdocs on the Career Services website (on Handshake), and send job postings and other career/job related information through their distribution list.

Career Services-University of Pennsylvania
Suite 20, McNeil Building-3718 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6209

Phone: 215-898-7530

It is never too early during your postdoctoral appointment to begin thinking about your next career move. In order to assist you with this process, BPP offers several valuable career management tools. On average the postdoc period is for five years. To maximize this time so you can attain your ideal job we suggest the following timeline.

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