Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs

Postdoc Training - Preparing for College Teaching in STEM

Application process for the Spring 2024 Course is closed!
PennPORT's Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CETLI) Preparing for College Teaching in STEM course


      Preparing for College Teaching in STEM

Time: Wednesdays, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Schedule: Feb 28th – May 1st, 2024

Location: In person, on campus

Instructor: Jennifer Round, Ph.D. (, Associate Director of Faculty Programming & Pedagogy, Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Innovation (CETLI)

Description: Preparing for College Teaching in STEM is a ten-week course designed to help postdoctoral fellows at the University of Pennsylvania prepare to teach their first college classes, focusing on ways to support a diverse student body. The program will prepare participants to become more thoughtful teachers by engaging with selected readings, creating teaching materials, and working with other participants to develop their skills. Each week will include 2 hours of preparation work, and participants are expected to come prepared to each session having done the assigned readings and activities found on Canvas.

Goal: The goal of the course is to prepare participants to teach in the US higher education system and gain the confidence and practical skills to transition into academia or any industry requiring strong pedagogical skills. 

Application Process: Currently closed at this time. We plan to reopen in January 2025.


Questions? Feel free to contact Chinwe Nwadiogbu, Project Coordinator for IDEAL Research, at or 215-898-0938. 

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