Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs

Postdoc Training - Preparing for College Teaching in STEM

Preparing for College Teaching in STEM is an eleven-week practical course designed to help postdocs at the University of Pennsylvania prepare to teach their first college course, focusing on ways to support a diverse student body. Led by the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Teaching and Learning, the program will encourage participants to become more thoughtful teachers by engaging with selected readings, creating teaching materials, and working with other participants to develop their teaching. The expectation is that participants will come prepared to each of these sessions having done the assigned readings and activities found on Canvas. Each week will include about 2-4 hours of preparation work.

This course aims to prepare participants to teach their first college course and to go on the job market.

Participants will:

  1. Create materials that will help them in their teaching and on the market(sample assignments and activities, syllabus, teaching philosophy.
  2. Discuss teaching with a group of other instructors as a way of exploring what works and developing concrete teaching practices, with a particular focus on creating an inclusive classroom environment.
  3. Learn about what the education literature tells us about student learning and a range of effective teaching strategies and techniques.

The course is of competitive acceptance, as there are limited spaces available. An application is required. Application forms are  available annually in January. 

***Application process is now closed for course offering Wednesdays, February 24th through May 5, 2021.

For additional information, please contact:

Emily R. Elliott
Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning


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