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Focused Career Pathway Teaching Course

Focused Career Pathway in Teaching course is for postdocs interested in university teaching.  Taught by a professor from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, it is an eleven week course, offered every spring. The course meets for one and a half hours each week and attendants are given weekly assignments to complete.

The course is of competitive acceptance, as there are limited spaces available.  An application and a mentor’s letter of support are required.

Goals of this course include:

  • Systematically plan for a university course
  • Develop at theory and philosophy of university teaching
  • Develop evaluation instruments to assess teaching and learning in the classroom
  • Gain knowledge of individual learning styles and their roles in fostering effective teaching strategies
  • Examine the specific behaviors related to daily activities of college teaching
  • Experiment with a range of technologies to enhance teaching
  • Understand teaching in the Minority Serving Institution context

Interested individuals should contact:

Elena Cruz, MBA
Coordinator, Penn - Postdoctoral Opportunities in Research and Teaching (PennPORT) and Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs



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