Research Opportunities

Mentors are drawn from a group of over 600 faculty associated with Biomedical Graduate Studies (BGS) at the University of Pennsylvania. Mentors are united by their extensive experience in training scientists.

Broad areas of research include:

Mentors have a diverse range of health interests, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infectious diseases and asthma.

PREP Faculty Trainers

PennPREP participants are encouraged to conduct research with faculty members who are formally associated with the PREP program; please see the list below. Scholars are NOT limited to this list. Additional BGS faculty members may be mentors for PennPREP trainees.

A to Z
Abel, Ted Jordan-Sciutto, Kelly L. Pittman, Randall
Bartolomei, Marisa Lazar, Mitchell Poncz, Mortimer
Berger, Shelley Lee, Virginia Man-Ye Raper, Jonathan
Birnbaum, Morris Lee, William Ming Robertson, Erle
Blair, Ian Lemmon, Mark Robinson, Michael
Brass, Lawrence Lewis, Mitchell Roos, David
Contreras, Diego Lok, James Rubin, Harvey
DeLisser, Horace Marks, Michael Van Duyne, Gregory
Delikatny, Edward J. (Jim) Marmorstein, Ronen Weiner, David
Doms, Robert Pack, Allan Weiser, Jeffrey
Field, Jeffrey M. Pear, Warren  
Hunter, Christopher Penning, Trevor