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On November 9, 2011, The Joint Commission announced a change in its standards related to disruptive behavior.  The Joint Commission has revised the term “disruptive behavior” contained in two elements of performance (LD.03.01.01; EPs 4 and 5) to “behavior or behaviors that undermine a culture of safety.”  The Joint Commission determined that ‘the term “disruptive behavior” is not viewed favorably by some in health care, and it can be ambiguous for some audiences.  For example, some physicians object that strong advocacy for improvements in patient care can be characterized as disruptive behavior.  Also, the phrase “disruptive behavior” may be used in the context of a care environment that has become temporarily unsettled by the behavior of a patient.’  The change will be made in the update to the accreditation manuals in Spring 2012.  (Joint Commission Online, November 9, 2011)