CRS Research Timeline

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Mobile CPR Project
CPR training in underserved areas of Philadelphia

OHCA Disparities
The impact of segregation on OHCA communities

Implementation of novel AED devices across the USA

In-Hospital Decompensation

Circulatory Dysfunction
Developing, validating, and assessing the interaction between microcirculatory dysfunction and outcomes

Understanding how to identify, prevent, and respond to patient decompensation

Cardiac Arrest

Resuscitative TEE
use of ResusTEE to improve the quality and outcomes from cardiac arrest

Natural Language Processing
Identification of patients immediate post-cardiac arrest using machine learning


Targeted Temperature Management
Active site in the NIH ICECAP study of post-arrest TTM

Prognosis and Survivorship

Multi-speciality approach to the assessment of patients after cardiac arrest, including post discharge follow up clinic

Investing the role of serum biomarkers in the prediction of neurological outcome post-arrest