Rompolas Lab

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Welcome to the Rompolas Lab

Our lab studies adult stem cells and their role in regeneration and disease. We use cutting-edge live microscopy, animal models, genetic and molecular tools to resolve the biological basis of tissue regeneration. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms that stem cells employ to maintain and replenish adult organs and to uncover which of these processes, when deregulated, are responsible for the emergence of disease. 

We focus on stratified epithelia as our main models for tissue regeneration. These are tissues that line external surfaces in our body, such as the skin and the eye, and serve to protect and insulate us from the environment.  Because of this important role, epithelia constantly regenerate through the action of resident adult stem cells. Despite extensive research, a few fundamental questions remain: (a) What is the identity of resident stem cells and what is their contribution to tissue regeneration? (b) How does the niche microenvironment regulate their activity? (c) how their abnormal behavior contributes to disease pathophysiology?

To answer these questions we are developing new tools and imaging approaches to study the activity of stem cells during tissue regeneration by visualizing them directly in the skin and eyes of live mice.  

‚ÄčOur Mission

To understand how stem cells in adult tissues work and apply this knowledge to develop next generation therapies that regenerate organs which are afflicted by aging or disease

Our Philosophy

We believe that our work can change the world. We believe that through our research we can alleviate human suffering by contributing to the development of new therapies. We believe that by mentoring and creating a supporting environment we can make a positive impact on the careers and wellbeing of our colleagues that entrust us with their training. We believe that by providing opportunities without bias and raising everyone up we can amplify the impact of our work. We believe that by fostering independence, curiosity, creativity, collegiality and scientific integrity we can perform rigorous research to generate impactful new knowledge for the benefit of society and future generations. If our philosophy is appealing to you then come work with us, we would cherish the opportunity to welcome you into our family. 


Research Opportunities

We are currently actively recruiting for two Postdoctoral Fellow and one Research Specialist position, to work on NIH funded projects. If you are interested in joining our lab as a research specialist, postdoctoral fellow, graduate or rotating student please contact us.  

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