Events and Activities in Day Lab

a group of 6 people standing behind a table at a restaurant

Group photo
a group of four people sitting together.
Marcus, Sharlene, Chris and Liana.
A group of people standing in front of a white board.
Day lab members from UPenn and Michigan at University of Michigan to celebrate Jonathan Herrera's thesis defense.  Congratulations Jonathan!


A long table with many people having dinner together in a restaurant.
Dinner with Day members from UPenn and Michigan in September 2022.
group of six people standing together outdoors in a garden
Lab meetup with Marcus, Liana, Jaime, Taussia, Sharlene and Graham.


Photograph of six people sitting at a table outdoors.
Lab Lunch at White Dog.
a group of three people standing together in the Day lab.
A visit from lab alumni Vi Tang!! So great to see you after more than a year.  

Keystone Symposium, March 2020

Group of three woman and one man at a research conference.
Andrea Thompson, Jonathan Herrera, Dr. Day, and Jaime Yob at the Keystone Symposium.


A group of four people in front of a wintery mountain scene.

A woman standing in front of a scientific poster at a conference
Andrea Thompson's poster presentation.


A man in front of a scientific poster at a conference.
Jonathan Herrera's poster presentation. 

Day Lab Holiday Party, 2018

Six people standing in front of a fireplace at a holiday party.

Amelia Glazier's PhD Defense Party, 2018

A woman who just received her PhD sitting in front of a celebration cake.
Congratulations, Amelia!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party, 2017

Group of lab members outside holding pumpkins that they have carved.

Kayak Trips

two people in a yellow kayak
Kayaking is big in the Day lab!