Office/Lab Relocation


SPO divides assistance with moves into four categories:

  • Small Move Jobs:  Help moving five (5) or fewer items from one PSOM building to another.
  • Move-outs:  Help vacating a lab or office.
  • Move-ins:  Help moving a complete lab or office into a new space.
  • Relocations: Help moving both out of and into a new lab or office.


This is when a lab or an office is leaving its existing space, regardless of where the occupants are going. A lab must comply with the close-out procedures established by Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS). There are typically costs associated with moving out (e.g., for cleaning, removing infectious materials, etc.). Such costs are the responsibility of the department under which the office or lab falls. Budgeting for this work should be done in advance.


When a lab or an office moves into a new space from any location — whether from Penn or another institution — various services must be arranged or rearranged. These include ...


Relocation is a combination of a move-in and a move-out. It often occurs to consolidate the dispersed locations of the offices or labs of a single department. A relocation requires following procedures 1 and 2, above. Relocations require contracting with an outside mover.

More Information

For more details regarding moves, please contact your project manager or building adminstrator. For lab move coordination, please contact Chris Nicolais in Facilities Planning & Space Management.