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Understanding Medical Student-Run Health Clinics


Some links related to our research are included below, and many of these have further references on their sites. Happy browsing!

On Student-Run Clinics:

Medical Student-run Clinics of America
A website devoted to medical student-run clinics, including a partial list of operating clinics

Starting a Student-run Homeless Clinic (American Medical Student Association)
A report designed to help found new student-run clinics

Student Run Free Clinics (American Medical Association)
A brief overview of student-run clinics

On Poor and Underserved Communities:

Bureau of Primary Healthcare, Department of Health and Human Services
Information on federal support for vulnerable persons

Community Voices
For understanding the healthcare challenges facing communities

Kaiser Family Foundation: Health Coverage and the Uninsured
A wealth of finding and reports on medically underserved persons

On Medical Education:

Arnold P. Gold Foundation
For the advancement of humanism in medicine and to perpetuate the tradition of the caring doctor

Association of American Medical Colleges
A representative organization of U.S. and Canadian medical schools

Institute for Improving Medical Education (Association of American Medical Colleges)
An AAMC group dedicated to identifying areas to improve medical education

Affiliated Groups

Arnold P. Gold Foundation
The Gold Foundation provided support for this research.

Center for Health Equity and Research Promotion
An HSR&D Center of Excellence in Health Services Research

Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics
Dedicated to health services research, health policy, and health care management education, at the University of Pennsylvania

New York Academy of Medicine
Investigating and advocating for pressing health issues in urban areas
The NY Academy provided support for this research.

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