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Private philanthropy meets funding needs not covered by government grants, fees, or insurance reimbursements. It is essential and can make a significant difference in our ability to respond quickly, effectively and compassionately in finding new ways to assist with the treatment and prevention of suicide.

Many types of giving opportunities are available to support the Center for the Prevention of Suicide:

Unrestricted Gifts 

These donations go to areas with the greatest need. They are allocated solely at the discretion of the Director of the Center for the Prevention of Suicide. With these gifts we can rapidly respond to unanticipated emerging opportunities.

How to Make Your Gift

Special Purpose Funds/Targeted Research

You may wish to join the many donors who support specific programs or projects. For example, you can designate your donation to support a new initiative related to suicide prevention among young adults.

How to Make Your Gift

Endowed Funds 

These significant gifts are among the most powerful ways you can support our work. You designate how the fund is to be used, and because only the interest may be spent, endowed funds live on in perpetuity. These funds may be named and offer an excellent opportunity to memorialize or honor someone.

How to Make Your Gift

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