Department of Psychiatry
Penn Behavioral Health

Current Members - Siegel Lab

Senior Research Associates

Yuling Liang MDYuling Liang MD

Project: Long-term effects of adolescent ketamine abuse on neuronal and glial markers, using immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization and stereology


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Sean McBride, MD, PhDSean McBride, MD, PhD

Prior to joining the TNP, Sean made important discoveries related therapeutic candidates for rare genetic disorders such as Fragile X syndrome.  His work as a PhD student and Resident in Psychiatry laid much of the critical pathway for current clinical studies pursuing mGluR5 antagonists for a variety of conditions related to autism spectrum disorders.  His work as a Fellow in the TNP is supported by a Behavioral Pharmacology T32 (Irwin Lucki, Ph.D., P.I.) and focuses on mouse and fly (in collaboration with Thomas Jongens, Ph.D.) models of Fragile X and other developmental disorders.  Addtionally, he continues to treat patients in both the Developmental Disorders Clinic and Penn Memory Center.


Graduate Students


Ankit JainAnkit Jain
MD/PhD Candidate
Primary Mentor - Rita Balice Gordon, PhD


Olya Melnychenko



Undergraduate Students

Research Assistants/Independent Study/University Scholars


wardKatelyn Ward
Biological Basis of Behavior
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2016


bangJakyung (Jaicey) Bang
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2017


Melissa Naschek


Jihee (Andrea Nam)


Austin DuAustin Du


Jordan Buie


Katarina Pance


Rebecca Zhang
University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2017