Department of Psychiatry
Penn Behavioral Health

Siegel Lab Positions and Training

Many training opportunities are available in the Translational Neuroscience Program. Here is an overview of the programs available:

For additional information about available positions in the lab, please contact Dr. Siegel at


Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The TNP is currently seeking motivated, independent postdoctoral candidates who are interested in studying animal models of schizophrenia using auditory electrophysiology, behavioral, and molecular biology techniques.


Graduate Students

Dr. Siegel is a member of the Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and Bioengineering graduate groups. Laboratory rotations are available for interested graduated students.


Medical Students

Dr. Siegel is director of the Clinical Neuroscience Track (CNST) through the Perelman School of Medicine (SOM). Summer research fellowships are available in the lab for medical students between their first and second years. In addition, projects are available for medical students interested in pursuing scholarly pursuit or year-out research.


Undergraduate Students

There are several opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in the lab. During the school year, work-study and independent-student positions are available. In addition, funding is available for undergraduates interested in summer internships. Dr. Siegel has sponsored dozens of undergraduate independent study and honors thesis projects.

Dr. Siegel freqeuntly sponsors undergraduate students through the Bioengineering Senior Design course. Potential projects include fabrication and formulation of polymer implants for long-termdrug delivery systems as well as auditory electrophysiology and signal processing in mice.