The Center's primary mission is to provide the most effective treatments and interventions for children, adolescents and their families who are suffering from the emotional and physiological consequences of a traumatic experience.

Children's exposure to violence and trauma is an urgent Public Health issue in our country, yet often goes unnoticed and untreated. The experience of trauma, including events such as physical and sexual abuse, interpersonal and community violence, and accidents can have life long and devastating impact. Children who are suffering the emotional consequences of traumatic exposure are more likely to be obese, have respiratory difficulties, behavioral problems, and poor school performance leading to high rates of drop out. When these same children reach the late teens and adulthood, they are more likely to be incarcerated, abuse drugs and alcohol, be under or unemployed, chronically medically ill as well as chronically mentally ill.

While much research and implementation of effective programming continues to develop, we are the only program that offers a proven effective intervention that prevents the development of PTSD for youth and their families in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event as well as a therapeutic yoga program for children and youth with a range of trauma related difficulties.

We are also actively involved in training and teaching locally and nationally in Trauma informed programs and interventions and Trauma specific interventions and treatments. In addition, we work closely with a range of advocacy and community organizations to improve policy around prevention and intervention for children and families impacted by traumatic exposures.

Lastly, we are actively involved in developing policies and programs that prevent children's maltreatment and exposure to traumatic events.

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