What is TRIDENT?

Transformative Research In DiabEtic NephropaThy, or TRIDENT, aims to develop ground-breaking therapeutics for patients living with diabetic kidney disease (or diabetic nephropathy) via the use of next generation multi-omics and precision medicine approaches. 

TRIDENT is a collaborative network of expert physicians, basic scientists, clinical researchers, and renal pathologists from 16 North American medical centers and three pharmaceutical companies devoted to improving the lives of those affected by diabetic kidney disease.

TRIDENT will recruit 300 patients with diabetes and kidney disease to collect biological samples to perform comprehensive molecular analysis for disease classification and development of therapeutic targets.

We Can Help You:

  1. Become aware of clinical research and clinical trial opportunities
  2. Connect with expert doctors
  3. Get help managing and understanding your disease
  4. Connect with patient/family support groups

You Can Help Us:

  1. Participate in our study at a participating clinical center
  2. Join our contact registry 
  3. Become involved with associated patient advocacy groups 

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