Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Wilderness and Disaster Medicine Education (WADME)

Experience medicine outside your comfort zone



  • Classic Medical Didactics: Variety of topics pertaining to Wilderness Medicine.  Examples include lectures on snake bites, hypothermia, and altitude sickness.
  • Survival Skills: If you can't build a proper shelter when your gear is down river or build a fire when it's raining, you may be so naive to austere environments that you become a liability rather than an asset.  That's not what you want.
  • Improvisation: It wouldn't be a Wilderness Medicine course if you didn't learn how to improvise something out of sticks.
  • Disaster Management: In this Post 9/11 world, physicians can expect to be called upon when disaster strikes at home or abroad. Whether an act of terror or an act of nature, this course is a chance to practice while the stakes and risks are low
  • Leadership: This is the skill that pulls it all together.

Enrollment for 2019 is now complete.

Enrollment for 2020 will begin again in the fall of 2019.