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July 2021

The lab is awarded pilot grant funding from the UPenn Center for Aids Research. We are grateful for this support of a new project.

Joangela and Joshua present their research at the 2021 meeting of the American Society for Virology.

June 2021

CAMB-MVP Ph.D. student Daniel Kim joins the lab for his thesis research. We're excited to see what you'll discover, Danny.

Ethan Burns, Penn class of 2024, joins the lab for summer research. Welcome, Ethan! 

Elizabeth gives a virtual seminar at the University of Tübingen. It is great to see everyone and chat science.

March 2021

Elizabeth gives the weekly Cancer Biology seminar at UW-Madison and the DMCB seminar at Tufts University. Thanks for the fun meetings and the great questions on both visits. Hope to see you all in person soon!

Daniel Kim (CAMB-MVP) joins the lab for his third rotation. Welcome, Danny!

February 2021

Paola Castagnino joins the lab as a senior research specialist. Welcome, Paola!

January 2021

Madeline Merlino (CAMB-MVP) joins the lab for her second rotation. Nice to have you, Madeline!

November 2020

Postdoctoral fellow William Blakely joins the lab after recently completing his PhD in Biochemistry at Indiana University. Welcome, Will!

October 2020

Joangela serves as a student panelist to discuss Dr. Ruth Zambrana's lecture in the Racial Equity and Action Lecture (REAL) Series at the 2020 CAMB Symposium. Thank you, Joangela!

Elizabeth presents virtual seminars in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at UNC-Chapel Hill and in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Indiana University School of Medicine. Both visits were great.

September 2020

We are very proud that Joshua has been awarded an NIH F31 NRSA fellowship funded by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Congratulations!

August 2020

Joangela is a panelist for the SACNAS Webinar "Insights to Success": Navigating Uncomfortable Situations.

July 2020

Elizabeth presents a virtual seminar at the NIH HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch. Thanks for the invitation and the excellent questions and scientific discussion.

June 2020

The lab publishes a new paper in Journal of Virology out this month. It's about how HPV E7-mediated degradation of PTPN14 changes epithelial cell biology. We're also represented on a new collaborative publication with Dev Basu's lab, in which they develop a powerful new patient-derived model of HPV-positive cancer. 

We are very happy to welcome Kaeri Martinez, a Penn SUIP summer student, to the lab this summer. Kaeri is a rising senior at Brown University.

May 2020

The lab is thrilled to be awarded our first NIH R01. The grant will support our research on how HPV oncoproteins inhibit epithelial differentiation. We are grateful for the support of mentors and collaborators and for a fantastic lab team.

March 2020

Elizabeth presents a (virtual) poster at the 2020 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

The lab starts its first ever work-from-home hiatus during the global coronavirus pandemic. We are thinking of our colleagues working hard on SARS-CoV-2 and hope to be back in the lab soon!

February 2020

Elizabeth visits and gives a seminar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was great to see old friends and meet new science colleagues.

Joshua presents his thesis research in the monthly Tumor Virology lunch seminar series.

January 2020

CAMB-MVP Ph.D. student Ronit Schwartz joins the lab for her second rotation. Welcome Ronit!

December 2019

Check out the updated Photos page for a look at our holiday 2019 celebrations.

October 2019

The regional board of the American Cancer Society held its quarterly meeting in Johnson Pavilion this month. Board members visited the lab for a tour and heard Elizabeth speak about our work. Thanks for stopping by!

September 2019

CAMB-MVP Ph.D. student Clare Cimperman joins the lab for her first rotation. Welcome Clare!

August 2019

CAMB-GTV Ph.D. student Joangela Nouel joins the lab for her thesis work.  Welcome Joangela!

Alexis Brantly joins the lab as a Research Specialist B. Alexis recently earned her M.Sc. in Microbiology and Cell Science from the University of Florida. Welcome to the lab!

July 2019

Elizabeth and Joshua attend the 50th Anniversary DNA Tumor Virus Meeting in Trieste, Italy. Joshua presents his recent research and Elizabeth co-chairs the session on Virus-Host Interactions.

May 2019

Elizabeth attends and speaks at the inaugural 'Missing Links in HPV Biology: Focus on head & neck and skin cancer' in Cologne, Germany

Joangela Nouel joins the lab for a summer rotation. Welcome Joangela!

April 2019

Our publication entitled PTPN14 degradation by high-risk human papillomavirus E7 limits keratinocyte differentiation and contributes to HPV-mediated oncogenesis is published in PNAS. Check it out! Congratulations to Joshua and the team and big thanks to all our colleagues and collaborators.

Elizabeth's review article on HPV oncoproteins and epithelial differentiation is now online in Viruses.

February 2019

Work from our collaboration with Iain Morgan and colleagues is published in Journal of Virology.

November 2018

We celebrate fall birthdays and the end of Phil's successful rotation with lunch at the White Dog Cafe (as usual, no photographic evidence exists).

October 2018

Metthew presents a poster at the annual UPenn Biomedical Postdoc Programs symposium.

August 2018

Penn Vet VMD-PhD student Philip Hicks joins the lab for his third rotation.  Welcome Phil!

The second annual CAMB-MVP retreat is held at the Inn at Swarthmore, where Joshua presents a poster.

July 2018

Metthew and Elizabeth attend and Elizabeth presents at the 49th annual DNA Tumor Virus Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin.  It was great to see old science friends and to make new ones.

June 2018

CAMB-MVP Ph.D. student Joshua Hatterschide joins the lab for his thesis work.  Welcome Joshua!

Emily Kim joins the lab as a summer researcher.  Welcome Emily!

April 2018

Metthew Lam, Ph.D., joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.  Welcome Metthew!

The lab is awarded a 4-year Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society.  This will support our research on the molecular mechanisms by which high-risk HPV E7 proteins mediate oncogenic transformation of human cells.

January 2018

Joshua Hatterschide, a CAMB-MVP Ph.D. student, joins the lab for his second rotation.  Welcome Josh!

December 2017

Elizabeth presents some of the lab’s recent work at the American Society for Microbiology’s 4th Conference on Viral Manipulation of Nuclear Processes in Charleston, SC.

Work from our collaboration with Michaela Gack’s lab at the University of Chicago is published in Journal of Virology.

November 2017

Elizabeth gives a seminar at Virginia Commonwealth University.

October 2017

Work from our collaboration with James DeCaprio’s lab is published in PLoS Pathogens.

September 2017

Elizabeth and Karl Munger publish a Preview commentary in Cell.  Check it out!

Elyse Gadra and Jessica Anderson join the lab as undergraduate research assistants. Welcome Elyse and Jessica!

Nina Montoya, a CAMB-MVP Ph.D. student, joins the lab for her fall rotation. Welcome Nina!

August 2017

Amelia Bohidar joins the lab as a Research Specialist. Welcome Amelia!

Elizabeth gives a talk at the inaugural CAMB-MVP graduate program retreat at the Inn at Swarthmore.

July 2017

The White Lab is established at the University of Pennsylvania.