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General Insomnia Resource Articles

The costs of Insomnia and other daytime consequences

An Analysis of the Health and Productivity Burden of Insomnia and its Treatment - Mendelson, 2007

Misperception of Sleep can Adversely Affect Daytime Functioning In Insomnia - Semler, 2004

Analysis of Stimulus Control Treatment of Sleep-Onset Insomnia - Zwart,  1979

Sleep and Mood 

Sleep Quality Predicts Positive and Negative Affect but Not Vice Versa. An Electronic Diary Study in Depressed and Healthy Individuals - Bouwmans et al. 2017 

Insomnia RCTs 

Behavioral Insomnia Therapy for Fibromyalgia Patients - Edinger, 2005

Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia: Comparison of Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, and Telephone Consultations - Morin, 2004

CBTI Enhances Depression Outcome in Patients with Comorbid MDD and Insomnia - Manber, 2002

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Pharmacotherapy for Insomnia - Jacobs, 2004

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Primary Insomnia - Edinger, 2001

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Zopiclone for Treatment of Chronic Primary Insomnia in Older Adults - Sivertsen, 2006

Comparative Efficacy of Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Chronic Insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial - Harvey, 2014

Comparison of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Clonazepam for Treating Periodic Limb Movement Disorder - Edinger, 1996

Comparisons of Short-Term Efficacy Between Individual and Group CBT-I - Yamadera, 2013

Correcting Distorted Perception of Sleep in Insomnia: a novel behavioural experiment? - Harvey, 2003

Countercontrol Treatment of Sleep-Maintenance Insomnia in Relation to Age - Davies, 1986

Dose-Response Effects of Cognitive-Behavioral Insomnia Therapy: A Randomized Clinical Trial - Edinger, 2007

Effects of Cognitive Arousal and Physiologic Arousal on Sleep Perception - Harvey, 2004

The Effects of Presleep Stress on Sleep-Onset Insomnia - Haynes, 1981

Efficacy of a behavioral self-help treatment with or without therapist guidance for co-morbid and primary insomnia - a randomized controlled trial - Jernelov, 2012

Relaxation and Sleep Compression for Late-Life Insomnia: A Placebo-Controlled Trial - Lichstein, 2001

A Preliminary Evaluation of the Physiological Mechanisms of Action for Sleep Restriction Therapy for Insomnia - Vallieres, 2013

Safety Behaviors and Dysfunctional Beliefs about Sleep - Woodley, 2006

Sleeping with the Enemy: Clock Monitoring in the Maintenance of Insomnia - Tang, 2005

A within-subject analysis of stimulus control therapy with severe sleep-onset insomnia - Turner, 1978

Medication and Drug Effects on Sleep Continuity.

Cannabidiol can improve complex sleep-related behaviours associated with rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder in Parkinson’s disease patients: a case series — Chagas, 2014

Sleep disturbance and the effects of extended-release zolpidemduring cannabis withdrawal — Vandrey, 2011

The Effects of Nabilone on Sleep in Fibromyalgia: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial — Ware, 2010

Effects of marijuana extract and tetrahydrocannabinol on electroencephalographic sleep patterns —Feinberg, 1976

Sleep State Misperception and Paradoxical Insomnia

The Distribution and Clinical Significance of Sleep Time Misperceptions Among Insomniacs - Edinger, 1995

OSA and other Intrinsic Sleep Disorders.

Types of Sleep Studies: Helpful hints for filing PSGs for OSA, Philips Respironics

A Decision Rule for Diagnostic Testing in OSA - Tsai, 2003

Epidemiology of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Population Health Perspective - Young, 2002

Insomnia and Biological Correlates and Biomarkers

EEG Correlates of CBT-I Tx response - Krystal, 2010

Effects of CBTI on Sleep Architecture and Sleep EEG Power Spectra in Psychophysiological Insomnia- Cervena, 2004

Sleep Homeostasis and Models of Sleep Regulation (ch.29 from PPSM) - Borbley

Instrument Articles

The Insomnia Severity Index: Psychometric Indicators to Detect Insomnia Cases and Evaluate Treatment Response - Morin, 2011

Insomnia theory papers (etiology and pathophysiology)

Improving sleep with mindfulness and acceptance: A metacognitive model of insomnia — Ong, Ulmer & Manber, 2012

Insomnia Tx in primary care of effectiveness studies.

Insomnia Management in the Australian Primary Care Setting — Sake, Wong, Bartlett & Saini, 2017

Secondary insomnia: diagnostic challenges and intervention opportunities - McCrae/Lichstein, 2001

Secondary insomnia: a myth dismissed - Lichstein, 2006

Practice related papers for BSM and CBT-I

Referral Practices for CBTI - Conroy, 2015

Primary Care Issues and Insomnia

Treatment for Insomnia in 2017: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Treat”- Ganguly, 2018

Insomnia in Primary Care: Misreported, Mishandled, and Just Plain Missed- Grandner & Chakravorty, 2017

Time Trends in the Family Physician Management of Insomnia- Miller, 2017

Veterans Affairs Primary Care Provider Perceptions of Insomnia Treatment- Ulmer, 2017






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