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Residency Training Program

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Chairman's Welcome

Dwight L. Evans, M.D.
Ruth Meltzer Professor and Chair of Psychiatry
Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Medicine

Dear Psychiatrist of the Future:

Congratulations on your decision to enter the field of psychiatry. Your career choice is exciting, as psychiatry is truly one of the most fascinating and rapidly changing disciplines in medicine. Dramatic advances in the basic and clinical neurosciences, new diagnostic tools and treatment approaches, changes in the paradigms of clinical care, and major organizational changes in the health care delivery system all underscore the importance of psychiatry to the field of medicine. We appreciate your interest in our training program and are confident that you will find Penn to be an exciting and stimulating environment in which to learn the art and science of psychiatry.

Few programs in the United States can compare with Penn Psychiatry’s depth and excellence in residency education. We offer contemporary, comprehensive training, including a stimulating curriculum, active faculty mentoring, and a rich population base from which to learn. We are committed to providing compassionate and sensitive state of the-art care, and we are further committed to teaching the best practices of clinical medicine. An individualized approach to customizing the training experience to our trainees interests highlights our program.

A career in psychiatry is bright and full of exciting possibilities. At Penn, you will study on the cutting edge of psychiatry with some of the finest faculty, residents, and students in the world. The opportunities for career development are unparalleled and can be tailored to the individual residents’ career goals. We are confident that as you become more familiar with Penn Psychiatry, you will find we are a distinguished and exciting department in a dynamic and progressive medical center. Penn Psychiatry has always been at the forefront of major educational, clinical, and research initiatives. Our tradition is rich and our future is bright. Come to Penn and be a part of the future of psychiatry.

Dwight L. Evans, MD

Dr. Evans